safetyEach Member flight is meticulously arranged in collaboration with a Federal Aviation Regulation Part 135 air carrier, which maintains full operational control over every flight without exception. These air carriers must hold valid certifications to provide their services to ONEflight, and in order to obtain and retain these certifications, they must adhere to all safety standards set forth by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as well as meet additional safety, health, and operational criteria established by our organization.

In 2016, ONEflight proudly achieved our ARGUS Certified Broker Certification, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to safety. Furthermore, in 2021, we accomplished the prestigious WYVERN Certified Broker Certification, making us the first broker globally to hold both certifications simultaneously. This notable achievement underscores our belief that fostering a strong safety culture is indispensable for the success of any aviation enterprise.

Our certifications as a Certified Broker by both WYVERN and ARGUS were earned through a rigorous process involving multiple audits conducted by impartial, experienced, and accredited aviation safety auditors. These audits assessed the extent to which our policies, processes, and procedures conform to stringent ethical and legal standards, as well as compliance with FAA and DOT rules, regulations, and customer-specific preferences, including financial integrity and transparent transaction practices.

To underscore our unwavering commitment to safety, ONEflight conducts comprehensive screenings of aircraft, crews, and operators for every flight. These screenings utilize the ARGUS Charter Evaluation and Qualification (TripCHEQ) System and the Wyvern Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) to ensure a Green Light "GO" status before each flight takes off. At ONEflight, we make it unequivocally clear that safety is our topmost priority, and we never compromise it, regardless of the circumstances.


What are ARGUS and WYVERN Safety Ratings?

ARGUS and WYVERN are two prominent organizations that provide safety ratings and certifications for aviation operators, including charter operators, air carriers, and brokers. These ratings and certifications help ensure the safety and reliability of aviation services. Here's an overview of each organization's safety ratings:

ARGUS (Aviation Research Group/U.S.):

ARGUS is a well-established aviation safety auditing and information services company. They offer various services to assess and evaluate the safety and operational standards of aviation operators, including charter operators and air carriers. ARGUS provides a range of safety ratings and certifications, including:

ARGUS Platinum Rating: This is the highest rating and is awarded to operators who meet the most stringent safety and operational criteria.

ARGUS Gold+ Rating: Operators meeting high safety standards but not reaching Platinum status receive a Gold Rating.

ARGUS Gold Rating: A rating for operators that meet standard safety criteria.

These ratings are based on a comprehensive evaluation of an operator's safety record, training programs, maintenance practices, and other factors.

ARGUS also offers a certification for charter brokers who meet specific safety and quality standards. A broker with ARGUS certification has demonstrated a commitment to working with reputable and safe charter operators.


WYVERN is another reputable aviation safety auditing and consulting firm. They specialize in assessing the safety and compliance of air charter operators, aircraft, and crew. WYVERN provides safety certifications, including:

WYVERN Wingman Certification: This certification signifies that an air charter operator meets or exceeds WYVERN's rigorous safety and operational standards.

WYVERN Registered: Operators in the process of meeting WYVERN's safety standards may be listed as "WYVERN Registered."

WYVERN evaluates factors such as pilot experience, aircraft maintenance, and safety management systems to determine certification eligibility.

Both ARGUS and WYVERN play essential roles in enhancing aviation safety by providing operators with independent evaluations of their safety practices. Travelers and organizations seeking aviation services often consider these safety ratings and certifications when choosing an operator to ensure a higher level of safety and reliability for their flights.

What is an ARGUS TripCHEQ (Charter Evaluation and Qualification)?  

ARGUS TripCHEQ is a component of the Aviation Research Group/US, Inc. (ARGUS) suite of aviation safety and evaluation services. TripCHEQ is a program that focuses on assessing the safety of individual charter flights, ensuring that they meet specific safety standards and criteria. Here's how ARGUS TripCHEQ typically works:

Pre-Trip Evaluation: Before a charter flight takes place, ARGUS TripCHEQ conducts a comprehensive evaluation of various factors related to the flight. This assessment includes checking the operator's safety records, pilot qualifications, aircraft maintenance history, and compliance with safety regulations.

Risk Analysis: TripCHEQ assesses the safety risk associated with the specific flight. This analysis takes into account factors such as the route, weather conditions, and other potential safety concerns.

Real-Time Monitoring: During the flight, ARGUS TripCHEQ may provide real-time monitoring services to track the progress of the flight and ensure that it adheres to safety standards and protocols.

Post-Trip Evaluation: After the flight has been completed, TripCHEQ conducts a post-trip evaluation to review the flight's safety performance. This assessment helps identify any issues or deviations from safety standards that occurred during the flight.

The ARGUS TripCHEQ program is designed to enhance safety and provide transparency for charter customers. It allows individuals or organizations looking to charter a flight to make more informed decisions by considering the safety assessment assigned to a specific flight. This helps ensure that charter flights meet certain safety standards and reduce potential risks associated with air travel.

What is a WYVERN PASS (Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey)?

A WYVERN PASS (Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey) is a critical component of the safety evaluation and certification services offered by WYVERN Ltd., a respected aviation safety rating organization. The WYVERN PASS is a comprehensive assessment conducted on individual pilots and aircraft to determine their compliance with safety standards and best practices in the aviation industry. Here's how the WYVERN PASS typically works:

Pilot Assessment: The WYVERN PASS evaluates the qualifications, training, and experience of individual pilots who operate specific flights. This assessment includes a review of a pilot's training records, flight hours, certifications, and safety history.

Aircraft Evaluation: The assessment also examines the safety and maintenance records of the aircraft scheduled for a particular flight. This involves a thorough review of maintenance logs, compliance with maintenance schedules, and adherence to safety regulations.

Risk Assessment: The WYVERN PASS assesses the safety risk associated with a specific flight. It considers various factors such as the planned route, weather conditions, and operational practices to determine the level of risk associated with the flight.

The primary goal of the WYVERN PASS is to enhance aviation safety by ensuring that individual pilots and the aircraft they operate meet rigorous safety standards. Charter customers can use the safety ratings provided by WYVERN to make informed decisions about which operators and flights to choose, prioritizing safety and quality in their selection process. It helps promote transparency and accountability within the aviation industry.