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My Winnie was the only passenger on this trip, and she loved it, from start to finish.  It was the first time either of us had flown on a Hawker, and Winnie loved it (and the pilots).  Next time I’ll try to be on board. 

Jim L. – May 2023

I want to thank You for your support and help during my recent trip to New Orleans. I was always well informed and up to date with status and changes. Your Company should be proud!!

Russel H. – May 2023

Another great flight. Thank you very much.

Michael M. – May 2023

Nice flight! Thank you ONEFlight!

Kurt R. – May 2023

We took off early. Food on board. In route but flight very nice. Thanks and have a good Sunday.

Richard C. – May 2023

Wonderful beginning to end

Jonathan S. – May 2023

everything went well.

Don V. – May 2023

Both flights were great.  Pilots as well as plane was top notch.  Food and coordination were also very much appreciated! Thank you, looking forward to next flight.  

Scott C. – May 2023

It was an enjoyable flight. 

Lee R. – April 2023

Flight was great. Food was great. Crew was great. Thanks!

Tiffany G – April 2023

Great service. Pilots were great!

Gary B – April 2023

Thank you all – we had a great flight.  Crew and aircraft were terrific.

Really grateful for all your help!

Ken I. – April 2023

WIFI didn’t work onboard but overall good flight.

Eric W. – April 2023

Our flight was great!  Pilots were great!  Thank you!

Charni H – March 2023

Yes thanks so much. No worries at all. We just want to be safe and will always take your guidance. 

Anthony S – March 2023

All services were perfect! a little bumpy at times, all good!!!

Thomas A – March 2023

All went well. Thanks,

Don V – March 2023

Everything was spectacular except the interior of the aircraft was very outdated and not up to OFI standards.  The crew and catering were awesome and much appreciated. 

Jason G.- March 2023

Everything was good. We had a minor technical plane issue that delayed us a bit but no big deal. Crew and drivers were terrific. In the car now. Be home in about 15 minutes. Thanks for checking. 

Tom H – March 2023

All great , thanks to all

Matt L – March 2023

Very good flight. Good plane, good crew. The Pilatus is perfect for these trips. I don’t know why it doesn’t come up in the app. Lots of king air 350 but not Pilatus for some reason. 

Lorne W – March 2023

Thank you for another safe & efficient trip! 

Nancy C – March 2023

Thanks so much. No worries at all. We just want to be safe and will always take your guidance. 

Anthony S – March 2023

The crew was very friendly and professional.  My only real complaint was that this aircraft is primarily used as an air-medic aircraft.  As such, the two front seats on one side were removed and replaced with a HALO frame.  Therefore, my son and I could not sit next to each other and talk.  He had to sit behind me.  What was advertised on BAJit as interior finishings were not the case.

Gary C – March 2023

What a pleasure, Capt Brad Giddien’s last flight. Now retired. Pretty special. Thanks!

Kurt R – March 2023

The plane is not my favorite but the pilots were great. Our driver went to Marco Island so we’re waiting for him. Driver switched last minute – transportation company didn’t communicate with us. Probably about 30 minutes.

Ken L – March 2023

Thank you everyone for your help. I will say the 2nd CJ3 was far superior than the first and the folks at MTJ today seemed disoriented. The last part is out of your control. For what it’s worth, the charcuterie plate and desserts were much better on the second leg as well.. I have told many people about your service and expect new clients for you shortly. Have a great week  

Anthony K – February 2023

Great flight, great pilots, and service leading up overall was spot on, very happy with this trip!

Matthew F – February 2023

Thanks for the upgrade to the Citation 10. A pleasant surprise

Mike F – February 2023

Was great! The planes and crews on both legs were exceptional.  Many thanks! 

Karen B – February 2023

Thx. Was great flight. Nice plane, good, courteous crew. Couldn’t have been better. 

Lorne W – February 2023


Everything ran perfectly and smoothly!
Thank you for your attention to detail 🙂 

Kevin O – February 2023

Everything was Great!!

AJ J – February 2023

Great flight .  Please let them know that I could leave Wednesday night or earlier on Thursday if the weather is a issue.

Don V- February 2023

It was great other than the three SUV’s that came to our house. Clean plane and great pilots. 

Jeff Serra – February 2023

Fantastic flight. Thank you

John B – February 2023

All good, thanks

Ian R – February 2023

Thank you for the email and the staff was very professional and want to thank all of you guys at one flight for making it a great experience. Will be calling y’all on the future for service.

Thank you again 

John T – February 2023

Everything was great. – although the food wasn’t great so I wouldn’t use that service again for your future customers out of Bedford.

Oscar J – February 2023

The flight was fine and so were the aircraft and pilots. What was NOT fine was our return at 8:55pm to a closed Signature FBO. My daughter and wife needed to use the bathroom after a 2.5 hour flight. Not good timing on that one.  Also, the pilots had to stand on the sensor at the security gate for us to meet our car service (and the car service arrived to a “lights out & locked” facility not knowing what to do). Lastly and really of no significance…and I never would have mentioned it, but our simple Chick-Fil-A meal was delivered to the Greensboro FBO at 3pm and put in the refrigerator until we took off at 7:30pm. If the pilot had not alerted us to that, we would have eaten cold food, so we just ate in the FBO kitchen. I know someone that flies private all the time and orders Chick-Fil-A (he gave me the idea) and I will never do that again.

I do need to know what happened with the FBO and why they were not open? I expect a credit for this FBO charge on my account (and no charge for the food). This is not the level of service you advertise. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Mike S – February 2023

Thank you! Enjoyed my flight. Pilots were great and food good. The bathroom was out of order but fortunately not needed.  

Dana M – February 2023

Flawless! 👍

Kurt R – February 2023

Great flight, rough landing due to winds at ILE on arrival.

Frank K – February 2023

Hi Jonathan. Flight was perfect this morning. While a big inconvenience that last night was cancelled , we agree that safety is the priority. We appreciate the help of the entire team. Have a great weekend.

Nick V – February 2023

The flight was fine and so were the aircraft and pilots. What was NOT fine was our return at 8:55pm to a closed Signature FBO. My daughter and wife needed to use the bathroom after a 2.5 hour flight. Not good timing on that one.  Also, the pilots had to stand on the sensor at the security gate for us to meet our car service (and the car service arrived to a “lights out & locked” facility not knowing what to do). Lastly and really of no significance…and I never would have mentioned it, but our simple Chick-Fil-A meal was delivered to the Greensboro FBO at 3pm and put in the refrigerator until we took off at 7:30pm. If the pilot had not alerted us to that, we would have eaten cold food, so we just ate in the FBO kitchen. I know someone that flies private all the time and orders Chick-Fil-A (he gave me the idea) and I will never do that again.

I do need to know what happened with the FBO and why they were not open? I expect a credit for this FBO charge on my account (and no charge for the food). This is not the level of service you advertise. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Mike S – February 2023

Was a great trip.  The pilots were very professional and skilled.  The plane was extremely clean and classy (probably the nicest plane so far).  Very happy for future flights to be with this group (I think it is called Monumental) if it happens to work out.   Thank you,

Chad M – January 2023

We had a great flight. It was an honor to have Connor as our pilot (makes for an amazing story!) and the crew – Greg, Van and our host John were all great. This flight made our day! 
Thank you for helping us get here tonight. We sincerely appreciate it. 

Schuyler H – January 2023

The trip was outstanding in every respect.  Aircraft = 10 crew and  a 10 catering on board food and drinks 10 clean awesome.. cannot compliment enough. Dimitry is off the charts.

Roland S – January 2023

In every way (the quality of the plane; the congeniality of both pilots; the promptness in taking off and landing; etc.) were all excellent in every way.

Dr. Robert F – January 2023

We loved our flight and are grateful for a safe landing and very pleasant travels thank you

Thekla S – January 2023

All great, thanks to everyone

Matt L – January 2023

Was a terrific flight. Great crew and aircraft. Thanks

Kenneth I – January 2023

Thank you, very nice flight. 

Joseph V – January 2023

The flight was excellent, the pilots were excellent and we departed and arrived in Florida just as we had hoped.

Dr. Robert F – January 2023

Great flight, great pilots, nice plane. 

Charni V – January 2023

All good.  Thank you.

Todd D – January 2023

All went smoothly and no delays. Thank you. 

John M – January 2023

Thx for the heads up on the hat! The PC -24 was fantastic! My favorite plane to fly in! Thx

Kurt R – January 2023

Our flight, the plane, the captain and the first officer were terrific.
Very well done again. Thank you, 

Michael M – January 2023

The flight was very nice. Pilots lovely weather great catering very good.  Transportation both ways was very helpful.   Thank you. 

Candi M – January 2023

All good.  Thank you.

Todd D – January 2023

Great flight and great plane

Ryan G – January 2023

Flight was good. Justin was great and sent pics but the plane was old and smaller than expected. Sadly the darn driver didn’t have beverages in the car for them as planned. But it’s snowing in Ohio so it can’t be all that bad! 

Daryl P – January 2023

Thank you. Everything was perfect 

Parham P – January 2023

Everything was perfect – thank you!

Sean B – January 2023

The flight was excellent, the pilots were excellent and we departed and arrived in Florida just as we had hoped.

Dr. Robert F – January 2023

Another awesome flight and crew. Thank you

John B – January 2023

Everything went fine, thank you

Mike M – January 2023

I just wanted to thank you and Ryan and the entire team for getting mom here to spend the holidays with us.  It is very much appreciated!

Jon D – January 2023

Another awesome flight and crew. Thank you

John B – January 2023

The flight was very nice. Pilots lovely weather great catering very good. Transportation both ways was very helpful. Thank you

Candi M – January 2023

Everything went well.  The food was marginal.

Edward Z – January 2023

Everything went fine – good crew and early arrival. 

Jim L – January 2023

Great operator and great flight. Thnak you.

John B – December 2022

Wheels down. Great flight. Thank you all. 

Edward B – December 2022

Everything went very well, thanks for checking in. Pilots Gerin and Josh did a wonderful job to get us into Bar Harbor airport safely despite challenging weather conditions. Excellent experience!

Timothy K – December 2022

Everything went well, thanks.

Donald V – December 2022

Everything worked out as planned. Thank you.

Don B – December 2022

Flight was smooth crew was great. Car was there to greet us and got us to the hotel. 

Steven S – December 2022

Flight was great, CeCe. Thanks and have a great Holiday. 

Bob K – December 2022

The flight and pick up were excellent.  Thanks. See you guys on the return. 

Jackson H – December 2022

Flight was excellent, pilots were good customs was easy all things good

Ken B – December 2022

Went fine. Thank you. Only 1 small issue; I think I had asked for no onions on sandwiches (that didn’t happen).

Frank G – December 2022

The flight was great as usual. Thank you all very much. 

Kent E – December 2022

Everything was on target. Pilots were great. Driver on time and loaded car 🚗.  We are headed home 

Vince L – December 2022

Everything was perfect thanks everyone!

Daniel S – December 2022

Thank you.  We had a very nice flight.  The plane and the crew were excellent.

Mike G – December 2022

Outstanding trip 

Brian F – December 2022

The flight went just fine and everyone is safe in Sun Valley!

Rick E – December 2022

Trip was good and good crew.

Ryan G – December 2022

Perfect. Great flight and crew!

Mark M – December 2022

Great flight, great pilots! Thank you!!

Charni H – December 2022

Crew , especially attendant Brianna was GREAT! Negative; Airshow out. Wifi out, no 110plugs to use. Catering from Maureen was wonderful.

Mark S – December 2022

We had a great flight, thank you. We’ll be booking a flight home at a later date. 

Nathan A – December 2022

Great flight and great work by the ONEflight team. I look forward to the next trip. Thank you all. 

Edward B – December 2022

Fantastic flight. Thank you

John B – December 2022

Hands down, one of the best flight’s EVER! 🤗

Kurt R – December 2022

Hi Hailey , in the car on our way home. Everything was perfect. Thanks to the entire team.  Nick 

Nick V – December 2022

The flight was good.  Pilots were great.  It was a bummer that they wouldn’t land at Tacoma Narrows.  In the future, it would be nice to know that the plane selected will be willing to land at Tacoma narrows even if it’s raining.  (It’s often raining there) Regarding the catering:  no beverages that I ordered got delivered.  Also, the sandwiches were ok, but they came dry with no condiments.

Jeff T – December 2022

The flight was great – luckily we were flexible on the time yesterday. Thank you!!

Tiffany G – December 2022

The flight was excellent. The restroom facility was designed for a very small child. Unfortunately the medication I am on, the reason for being at Mayo Clinic does not agree with me and necessitated the use of the head. I will keep that in mind when booking flights in the future.  More importantly the flight was good and the pilot were also. Thank you 

Rick C – December 2022

Beautiful flight!

Kurt R – December 2022

The lfight was smooth, fast and a great crew. Thanks.

Brian F – December 2022

Thanks, all was good!

Lou M – December 2022

All good! Thx

Jeff S – December 2022

Pilots good. All went smoothly. Plane interior in need of repair

George D – December 2022

Number one priority is that she arrived safely.  Appreciate everyone’s help and attention.

Nick V – December 2022

Thank you all (especially Maureen) for making this a good experience.  My uncle and aunt enjoyed this tremendously and it was an easier trip for my uncle, who is frail.  John, when they are ready to return to Pittsburgh, we need to do this again.  Again, a heartfelt thank you to the ONEflight Team

Mike C – December 2022

Number one priority is that she arrived safely.  Appreciate everyone’s help and attention.

Nick V – December 2022

Everything went well. Great plane and great pilots.  Would enjoy travelling with them again. Thanks!

Carol C – December 2022

Great flight, thanks.

Norman P – December 2022

Everything went very well. Thank you very much

Juan R – December 2022

Flight went well, Madison. I appreciate you emailing for my opinion. Have a great day.

Don K – December 2022

Mr. K. had nothing but good things to say.  Nothing bad. 
Thank you ALL for making this first flight a huge success!

Angela K – December 2022

The flight on the citation was very good. Both the pilot and copilot are excellent. 

Michael M – December 2022

Had to drive home 4hrs for last leg aircraft had a warning light that stopped us from taking off called in to One flight said would get us flight finally called back said it would be 10 at night before flight could be arranged but that would be almost 5 or 6 hours so with no confirmation and called back told nothing available we were stranded. we had to drive had children needed to be in school and others with clients and patients on Monday morning I know accidents and things go wrong with aircraft but really thought could get a flight much sooner since we were stranded and were disappointed that we could not secure confirmation of flight sooner since we in a situation we had no control over. 

Hopefully this will not happen again and a fluke but thought more should have been done and more of an urgency to help us.

Respectfully and disappointed 

Stan P – December 2022

Hands down best round trip we have had. Aircraft was in great shape and  Pilots were top notch and professional. Air direct is a great charter company. Thanks for setting it up.

John B – November 2022

Everything was excellent the pilots were extra courteous in the airplane was outstanding as well as the pick up and delivery service. Thank you very much.

Andy G – November 2022

Thank you and this clarification helps a lot. We did discuss the mechanical issue that came up so I remember that conversation. It makes sense now that you all are at the disposal of what is available at the time and try to do a “best effort” in finding something comparable. Thanks again! Now that we have experienced the Gulf Stream 280 it will be hard to fly in anything else 😊. It is a very nice aircraft

Jim L – November 2022

Very nice flight. We barely got all our luggage secured but it worked out. Hawkers don’t work well for us on vacations. Very nice crew.

Edward G – November 2022

All was great! Could not have been better! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving holiday! 

Charles D – November 2022

No problem. Everything great. Pilots were very good even with three cats. Thanks

Dave H – November 2022

Everything went very well, thanks for checking in. Pilots Gerin and Josh did a wonderful job to get us into Bar Harbor airport safely despite challenging weather conditions.

Excellent experience!

Timothy K – November 2022

Once again a really wonderful crew, very thoughtful and helpful. The catering was really good. Very nice aircraft. Can’t ask for more…

Ed G – November 2022

Great flight and pilots. Best flight experience since joining
Thanks to You, Dave and entire team

Robert R – November 2022

No complaints. The service was great and the pilots were even better. Thank you.

Darren R – November 2022

Flight and crew were awesome.

Andy G – November 2022

Thank you.  We had a very nice flight.  The plane and the crew were excellent.

Mike G – November 2022

Thank you for checking in. We had a wonderful flight. From original booking to wheels down back home, everything was perfect. ONEflight is the best! Thank you to the entire team!

Jerod P – November 2022

Everything went very well, thanks for checking in. Pilots Gerin and Josh did a wonderful job to get us into Bar Harbor airport safely despite challenging weather conditions.

Excellent experience!

Tim K – November 2022

All was great thanks. Crew very nice and plane as well. All worked out well. Will call next week to work out details of return trip on 11/20. Thanks very much. 

Gary S – November 2022

Everything was great as always, thanks!

Jason M – November 2022

The flight crew did a grat job. 

Robert N – November 2022

Went great. We like that operator.

Matt S – November 2022


Jason B – November 2022

Everything went well with the Austin flight. I had hunters here at the ranch all weekend. We got really lucky as they actually flew the original plane back to Dallas due to “navigation problems” and flew another plane back to Austin while we were at dinner and were ready to go when we arrived. Pretty quick recovery! Thanks for checking in. I’ll be booking a couple more trips in November.

Robert M – November 2022

Just a little feedback. Flight was good, catering was good, ground transportation was good.

My only question/comment is why is it so hard to get a nonstop flight? My last 2 flights stopped in Liberal Ks. Not that big a deal, but I specified a nonstop flight. I have talked to friends of mine who have flown other light jets within the last few days, that have been able to fly nonstop. My understanding is the I will get the same or better plane than I specified, and the Nextant I requested said it was non stop. Anyways, thanks to the team. We arrived safe. All good. Enjoy the holidays

Gary G – November 2022

Good flight.  I really appreciate the flexibility of this carrier and the pilots.  Have a good weekend.

Dick J – November 2022

We had a great trip and a great flight. Everything was perfect. 

Keefe D – November 2022

Great flight. Terrific pilots. Kids loved the experience.  Thanks much

Greg M – November 2022

Great flight everything was perfect . Thank you !

Mark M – November 2022

Yep.  Great.  Thanks.  Those guys were awesome for the record. 

Doug W – November 2022

We had an awesome flight! Great plane, great crew!!!!

Todd G – November 2022

The flight was great, and the pilots were really good guys. When I got here the car met me on time. The only problem was he took me to the wrong location. I had changed the location with you guys but someone forgot to tell the driver. Late for my dinner meeting!

James K – November 2022


Darren R – November 2022

Fantastic trip!

David R – November 2022


Darren R – November 2022

All good – thx

James W – November 2022

Everything worked out fine.  There was a communications mishap as to which Buchanan field small plane terminal was the correct one.  The nice gentlemen driving us from Walnut Creek to Concord Jet had the incorrect site programmed into his GPS, but we had enough time to reach the correct terminal on the other side of the airport in plenty of time. Could have been a language misunderstanding.  All is well.

Don B -November 2022

That was a fantastic crew, A+ for sure – Captain Keith made it amazing.  We would be happy to fly with this team and plane anytime.  Car service was also amazing, Ryan was great. Finally, we are grateful for all the amazing service from OFI.  We know there is so much to do behind the scenes and we are grateful. We feel so loved by OFI. 

Jason M – October 2022

Hands down best round trip we have had. Aircraft was in great shape and  Pilots were top notch and professional. Air direct is a great charter company. Thanks for setting it up.

John B – October 2022

Everything went perfectly. The only issue was our ignorance of how everything works at the FBO and arranging for a car for us to use in Lexington. The planes and pilots were great and the catering was good. We found it difficult to eat much on the plane, but that is us not the quality of the food.

Joseph M – October 2022

It all went very well! Two of the nicest pilots ever!!

Joseph M – October 2022

Just landed. great experience. excellent pilots

Jeff S – October 202

Great flight…thanks 

Scott S – October 2022

Everything was great both directions. Thank you! 

Stephanie R – October 2022

Everything went great.   Thank you!

Charni H – October 2022

Terrific flight.  Good pilots. Thanks much. 

Gregory M – October 2022

Thank you . Everything was great 

Parham P – October 2022

Thank you everything went smoothly and as planned

Lou M – October 2022

It was great.  Pilot, Steve, same as before and very nice to fly with. 

William R – October 2022

Everything was fantastic. Thank you. 

Tim R – October 2022

Everything was perfect and Jacob has already checked on how it went.

Richard M – October 2022

It was an excellent flight and attendant s were lovely. Thanks 

Stephen C – October 2022

It was an excellent flight and attendant s were lovely. Thanks 

Stephen C – October 2022

It was great!  Nice staff and uneventful flight!! 

Gilles A – October 2022

Flight was bumpy due to weather – Thunderstorms in Chicago area.

Ken B – October 2022

Thank you ALL truly! 

Jason B – October 2022

Great trip . The cars were spot on and we are headed to Naples.  
Truly appreciate the help from the entire OFI team. Thank you!

Dick J – October 2022

Both flights were great, pilots exceptional helpful and friendly. Thanks

John C – October 2022

The plane was excellent the crew was great no issues. The food was well done probably the best of all. The leader 60 is a great plain but very short on luggage space as I’ve said before. Would not be good for a long flight because we had to stuff a bunch of stuff in the bathroom. Otherwise great

Ken B – October 2022

We are back and everything went great. With that said I still say it is absolutely ridiculous that because I had my dogs with me…..but no crate….in which if I did have crates for them they wouldn’t fit in the vehicle…..I had to find my own transportation. You guys offer complementary transportation on each end of which I only tried to use it from one side and you couldn’t get that done without me paying $280. Very disappointing And a failure on your end. I don’t know what you budget for transportation but when I can get an Uber and get the job done but I have to pay for it that’s just wrong

Michael L – October 2022

Another smooth and excellent trip.
Thank you all! 

Nancy C – October 2022

All went great!

Todd P – October 2022

Great flight, no problems!!!!

AJ J – October 2022

Flight was great. I forgot, did we arrange a dropoff from you or do I need to get a un Uber?

Cosmo G – October 2022

Some good and bad. The 4+ hour delay to Maine due to plane issues was not a good start. Going home I received a text from Jenna stating she could not arrange transportation to departing airport. Fortunately we found someone to get us to the airport. Flight home was fine. When I pay $33k for a private plane I don’t expect these problems.

John W – October 2022

Yes – landed and flight was just great. Family is safe from hurricane.
Many thanks to the entire team for helping to make this happen so swiftly.

Jeff G – September 2022

Entire trip was absolutely perfect.   You guys knock it out of the park.  Pass along to the entire team how appreciative we are for everything and for treating my family like family. Was a very special trip for us. Thanks again!!!

Tarik S – September 2022

Thank you so much. We had an exceptional experience. The pre flight communication and support – off the charts. Every single person I interacted with was a complete professional and impressively available. All of the logistics for our trip went off flawlessly. I couldn’t have been more impressed or appreciative.
I will be recommending you to anyone who has need of a world class private aircraft service.
With much gratitude.

Chris L – September 2022

Flight was great!  Pilots were awesome!  Thank you.

Charnie H – September 2022

Another stellar flight on the HondaJet. For a short flight, this is a go-to aircraft. Also, Certified Provisions knocked it out of the park with catering. Thanks again!

Jacob C – September 2022

Thank you, heading to the house.  Great Trip!!

Don V – September 2022

Thank you. It went very well! 

Goldie H – September 2022

The catering was awesome. The aircraft interior is gorgeous.  Additionally, everything inside the aircraft was meticulously organized and clean. Also, the flight crew was very cordial, informative and attentive. Great to fly with.  

Pete C – September 2022

All was good. Flight was great! 

Lane M – September 2022

Everything was wonderful, thank you so much. 

Sherri G – September 2022

All good pilots were nice. plane was clean

Sheldon G – September 2022

Good flight and crew!-the plane was older than I prefer-I had an understanding that if they wanted to switch me out or upgrade me I would not accept anything 20yrs or older

Bruce B – September 2022

Catering was excellent. The plane was very high quality and the pilots did a great job on a smooth flight and landing. Additionally, the pilots were very efficient in being ready to take off right when we arrived and were loaded.

Peter C – September 2022

Everything went fine. Great pilots and drivers on both ends. Thanks for a terrific job. 

Tom H – September 2022

Everything was great thanks !

Mark M – September 2022

All very good. Crew is great!

Lane M – September 2022

Excellent flight!

Mark M – September 2022

Everything went very well thank you.

Lydia S – September 2022

All went great after we made it to the plane. Upon arrival the paperwork that the driver had was incorrect. Wrong tail number and there was no one at the entrance. Once we finally made it to the plane everything was fantastic. 

Lane M – September 2022

It was great. Thank you. 

Vin G- September 2022

Everything was great!!!

A.J. J. – September 2022

The original plane had maintenance issues so we had to wait for a replacement. The replacement plane has a/c issues. The paint is chipped on the outside. Seemed like the dog of the fleet. The pilots’ attitude is ‘it don’t work, sucks for you. Nothing we can do. The catering to Florida was inadequate. My wife is mad and embarrassed. First time I’ve ever been in a plane where they start down the runway and then have to stop and start over again. Not your best showing, one flight. 

David P – September 2022

Yes – landed and flight was just great. Family is safe from hurricane.
Many thanks to the entire team for helping to make this happen so swiftly.

Kenneth G – September 2022

Trip was excellent. On time, smooth and fast. One hour 57 minutes in the air. Wanted to go to Shelter instead of Signature. Not sure why it would cost $600.00 to go 100 yards. Signature took us next door to get our cars. Enjoyed the trip.

Ed & Blossom L – September 2022

Everything was perfect. Thank you

Presley R – September 2022

Very good flight.

Bruce B – September 2022

Pilots were great and very professional! Nice flight. Thank you.

Karin B – September 2022

Morning So tired of this. Last three flights I’ve been on, NO BEVERAGES. NOT HAPPY !

Lane M – September 2022

The plane and flight were great, and the driver taking us home in Pennsylvania was wonderful

Ginger W – August 2022

Courteney wanted to say thank you for the flight. It was perfect

Tracy R – August 2022

Everything was great. Thank you. 

Tony S – August 2022

We appreciate the upgrade – the pilots and aircraft were awesome!  

Jacob C – August 2022

Thx Anthony.  A good flight and it is great to be back in the north woods.

Dick J – August 2022


Jonathan S

Absolutely beautiful and visiting with Ferren and his lovely wife was a perfect trip!
Thanks ONEflight, Reece & Allison 

Reece B – August 2022

Thank you everything went perfectly thanks again

Andy R

Could not have gone any better!  Thank you!

Amir H – August 2022

Flight out was great. Driver in DC was there to take us to the meetings.  Then the return driver was there and waited for us for about 30 min as we were running late. In DC, we ended up being early to the airport so we were able to take off early.  That was nice. Good flight and good crew.  Really enjoyed it.

Chris V – August 2022

Everything was perfect. Flight was great. Plane was perfect. We had a lot of luggage and it was handled with aplomb. 

Micheal Z – August 2022

Thank you for the wonderful flight and quick follow up on the handbag.  We went back and retrieved it. Excellent service once again! Thank you!

Jerry H – August 2022

Nice flight and plane.

Jeff F

Great flight!

Kurt R – August 2022

Hi, everything was fantastic.  Thank you!

Jason G – August 2022

Everything went terrific thank you

Andy R – August 2022



Hi, I am told everything was excellent except the catering, that was not up to standards. Great airplane and crew!  

Jason G – August 2022

Great flights start to finish all 3 legs. 
Thank you for always providing us with a great travel experience 

Dina D – August 2022

Always a pleasure to fly ONEFLIGHT and the service as always to a perfection! Thanks again for your hospitality! 

Reece B – August 2022

Everything went perfectly!! You guys are the very best!!!
Thank you for taking such good care of us and for delivering on time and as planned!!
Very much appreciated!

Jeff H – August 2022

We have finished our Naples/Louisville roundtrip today and I just wanted to thank you and the ONEflight team for the wonderful experience.  From my first conversation with you, my followup emails, texts & phone calls with Zerek, Ashley, Jenna, Hailey, Moises (I hope I got them all), not to mention meeting with Ferren on our first flight and his young Pilot son Connor.  Ferren was very interesting, enjoyable and made us feel so comfortable. Everyone was patient with my questions and concerns.  Everything went smoothly from start to finish. The car service was on time, the guys were very nice and helpful.  The Planes were immaculate, obviously well maintained. We are officially spoiled now…..and yes, the BlackJet was a real treat. Looking forward to future travel with the team.
Well played ONEflight well played. A Sincere Thank You!

Bill & Anita W – July 2022

I want to quickly let you know how grateful I am for Ashley & Haley’s help and support. Their tiny gestures and attention to detail have made these trips less hectic and less stressful.  Of no fault of ONEflight – we have run into issues with our aircrafts. Both Haley and Ashley respond immediately and take action to remedy the situation and get us to our destination. 

They both work and reply on evenings, weekends, holidays. That level of communication is something I truly appreciate. Their dedication to Kevin and I have been the reason Kevin and I have been able to zip across North America so seamlessly. Often, we I don’t have any time to eat. The catering Ashley orders for us is sometimes our only meal!  Please join me in recognizing Haley and Ashley’s amazing service. Jan and Mark have been great too!

Nancy C – July 2022

Thank you for a wonderful flight experience, a great job. Pilots Alberto and Alex were very professional and helpful. Look forward to flying with them again in the future. 

Amy D – July 2022

Flight was excellent and the pilots were friendly, professional and helpful.

Chris G – July 2022

Everything was great!   Very good professional pilots.  

Stacy H – July 2022

Everything went just as planned on both legs of the trip. Thanks for a smooth journey.

Tim A – July 2022

Everything went great and really appreciate what you all did to make this trip successful.  Thank you.

Chris V – July 2022

Everything went great. Great service and the pilots were excellent. Thanks to you and your team for the wonderful experience for my daughter and her friends. 

Rodney B – July 2022

Safe & sound in Naples. Round trip 7/22-7/25 was perfect in every way.
We are officially spoiled. Hats off to the ONEFLIGHT team. 

Anita W – July 2022

Great flight, great pilots, great driver (same as Thursday night) and great job on catering.  Thanks! 

Karen B – July 2022

All good.  You guys are the best, this trip was required to recruit for 2023 basketball for University of Cincy

Dave H – July 2022


Matt F – July 2022

All good thanks. Transportation was great and on time 

Dave H – July 2022

Very nice flight.  Thank you

Annie G – July 2022

Thank u! Flight and plane were excellent! 

Heather G- July 2022

Thanks for checking . Everything was perfect. No problem anywhere.

Catherine J – July 2022

Hi, please make note that Phenom 300 and the crew Captains Steve and Mike are the best I have experienced with ONEflight. The Plan had carbon fiber on the sides of each seat; incredible. Also the transportation was great,. Note the drive in McCall didn’t own a cell phone. Can you believe that in today’s world? Well, it’s McCall I guess. 

Brian F – July 2022

We had a fantastic flight home. Thank you so much for the support and service.

Vahid M – July 2022

Thank you – great flight. The updated XO jet interior are nice !!!  

Oscar J – July 2022

We landed here…  could not have gone more smoothly!  Great plane, crew, service, etc

Matt S – July 2022

Great flight and pilots

David H – July 2022

Everything went great.  Thanks.

Tracy J – July 2022

We made it and a great flight was had by all. Thank you

Mike L – July 2022

Jan, you have been just superb since our very first conversation and I am so very happy to have switched from WheelsUp to you guys!  You and everyone on the BAJit team delivers the kind of customer experience that is not only commensurate with this type of service, but which always feels personalized and very much focused on excellence and high quality professionalism.

Jerry H – June 2022

Could not have been more perfect. Thanks.

Barbara B – June 2022

Excellent flight. Thanks!

Bill C – June 2022

The plane was very clean and nice interior and pilots were friendly 

Butch P – June 2022

Thank you very much and very experience all around with you guys! 

Parham P – June 2022

The flight was great. Thank you. The Citation Longitude is my new #1
If that same plane is available for the return next Friday I’d love to have it again 

Gregory M – June 2022

All is good and she along with Karen had a great flight after an excellent week in HHI!

Danny B – June 2022

Everything went well today. The plane was comfortable and was able to fly nonstop.
Now if I can recover the missing leash, all will be well. Thanks to the team!

Gary G – June 2022

All is good and she along with Karen had a great flight after an excellent week in HHI!

Tony S – June 2022

All is good and she along with Karen had a great flight after an excellent week in HHI!

Daniel S – June 2022

Brittany Thank You for your efforts!!! You are an exceptional asset to the “ONEflight” team. I cannot emphasize how appreciated your professional approach to our issue was today. 

Joe E – June 2022

Thanks for the email update. I talked with my wife, Janet, and she said the driver was waiting for them in Savannah and they are now on Hilton Head Island and going to airport to pick up a rental car that she had previously arranged. All good! She had nothing but praise for the plane and the crew!
Thanks for everything.

Anthony S – June 2022

Everything went great on the first leg of the trip. Thanks to you and the wonderful team at OFI. Keep up the great service levels.

Rodney B – June 2022

Yes, it was terrific. Thank you very much. 

Miles M – June 2022

Great flight!

Kurt R – June 2022

Great flight, great plane, great pilots and Joey’s Charcuterie is amazing 

Greg M – June 2022

Our driver Allison was excellent. Can he drive us back on Sunday ?  Thanks 

Tim C – June 2022

It was great. Good to meet the owner. Experience was awesome. Thanks

Tim C – June 2022

Plane was great on time and fast.

Butch P – June 2022

Flight was smooth and easy. Everything was great. Incredible 1st experience!

Cosmo G – June 2022

Appreciate each of you

 Jon S – June 2022

Hi team! Everything was wonderful! Transportation was one time, pilots were ready upon arrival, catering was perfect. Thank you for making our stressful travel days a tad less stressful! Please use Moe Limo for all our Toronto ground transportation. Appreciate all your help!

Nancy C – June 2022

All went as scheduled. Thanks

Jeff F – June 2022

The flight was fine in spite of bad weather. But we had to land in Arlington, not Addison. No car to pick us up and OFI would not provide one. Not happy. 

Anthony G – June 2022

Thank you-  great flight

Christina H – May 2022

Very good trip!  The crew and aircraft were great.  Good job!

Daniel C – May 2022

Flight was excellent. I would like to know the experience (hrs flown as commercial pilots) of the crew that flew.

Jason G – May 2022

It was a great experience.  The driver was on time, the pilots were super and the flight went smoothly.  Loved the sandwich and salad.  Customs at the FBO in Nassau was easy and we were very happy.  Looking forward to the next trips.  😊

 Cher F – May 2022

Very good trip!  The crew and aircraft were great.  Good job!

 Daniel C – May 2022

There was severe weather in Saint Louis which altered time lines.  ONEflight did an excellent job of keeping me updated and re-arranging ground transportation.  The pilots were awesome and communicated clearly the strategy for keeping us safe from the severe weather. Catering was also very good.

 Pete C – May 2022

The flight was very smooth and first-capt and co were very helpful and polite-a great pick of man and machine!! I am old fashioned a bit as I tip pilot and co-pilot for average performance-they were above that by quite a bit- great crew!!!

 Charlie H – May 2022

Pardon my brevity but please know everyone on your team performed flawlessly and beyond my expectations. I believe we will be doing a lot more business together.  The upgraded jet was very very comfy and has become my new favorite!

Kelly J – May 2022

Flight was excellent as always. Thanks for the hospitality!

 Tayler E – May 2022

Thank you for the update and for the exceptional service!!

Catherine J – May 2022

Great flight, crew, and beautiful plane!

Kurt R – May 2022

It was great! Thank you so much.

Karen B – May 2022

Jerilyn said everything was good on the flight and the crew was terrific. Thanks

Scott S – May 2022

Everything went very well, very peaceful journey.

Edwin B – May 2022

Everything was excellent on this trip – catering, ground transport and pilots/flight.

Pete C – May 2022

I’m afraid your team has exceeded any expectations I could have had.  The jet was lovely, clean and obviously well loved.  The crew was pleasant, professional and I’m looking forward to my next adventure with you.

Kelly J – May 2022

After two plane changes we ended up in an extremely old plane that was not clean and really an embarrassment for me to have friends in it. That was just completely unexeptable. Yes I’m very disappointed in Oneflight and expect a different scenario on our way back on Friday

Lydia S – May 2022

All good, Thx

 Dick J – May 2022

Great flight!!

Kurt R – May 2022

My Dad wanted me to let you know that all went well.  We thank you for the heads up about the driver being stuck in traffic.  It’s always nice to know what’s going on.  We look forward to our next trip using One Flight, whenever that might be.

Leslie H – May 2022

Everything was perfect on this flight, thanks!

Jason G – May 2022

Y’all are wonderful. Good day to you.

Justin D – May 2022

Everything was fine. No issues.  

Todd D – May 2022

The aircraft and crew was great.  I’d never been in that particular model aircraft before and I think my husband, who won’t take a light jet because he’s just too tall, would be quite happy for short hops in that one.  I’ll remember the model for future flights where he travels with me.

Kelly J – May 2022

Great flight and team. Thank you!  

Eric S – May 2022

We are SO thankful to be home. Delay because of storms would have brought us home tomorrow night at 10:30, maybe. The flight was very comfortable, the plane was early & we were ready to go. We left an hour early.  Can’t believe we’re home.  We SO appreciate your company getting us home in short notice. Lord Bless You. 

Holly S – May 2022

Thank you!  The plane was beautiful and the pilots great. Catering was very good

Theresa W – April 2022

Everything was perfect!  Thx.

Stacy H – April 2022

Hi, just wanted to say thanks again for the extraordinary effort to arrange Nancy and my flight today. We are seated on the plane ready for take off. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it; we will make my wife’s medical appointment today as a result of all of you. Have a wonderful day. 

Nick & Nancy V – April 2022

Thank you to the entire team who did so much to get us home!

Anthony S – April 2022

Everything went great except the big backup PBI, but you couldn’t help that!
Catering was great, Thanks.

Theresa W- April 2022

Just landed from return trip.  Great job all!  The operator was terrific – very safe, on time and food was perfect.

Matt S – April 2022

Everything went perfectly!  Thank you.

David R – April 2022

Terrific flight thank you 

Anthony S – April 2022

The flight crew did a great job. 

Robert N – April 2022

I enjoyed the Excel on the first leg. However, I found that the Citation 2 that we returned in was rather old and had too many seats which crowded things considerably making the toilet area pretty much non-functional. It was also a bit slow for a 2 1/2 hour trip. Otherwise, the crew was great.

Greg M – April 2022

Everything was perfect!  Thank you.

Kurt R – April 2022

Thanks and it was a great flight and liked the Hawker 800 a lot. 

Dennis T – April 2022

All good as always. Thanks!

David S – April 2022

Abdul was very nice but the car smelled of cigarette smoke.  
I had requested a nonsmoking car.  Everything else about the trip was great. Thank you.  

Theresa W – April 2022

Another great trip with a solid crew. 

Eric S – April 2022

Everythign was fantastic.

Mike C – April 2022

Thank you, another successful trip.

Joseph V – April 2022

It was great. They were so nice! And helpful. 

Art P – April 2022

Great trip and team. Thank you!

Eric S – April 2022

All worked out great.

Michael W – April 2022

All good, thank you.

Jeff S – April 2022

We loved the plane, we loved the pilots.  We wish we could have them each time we fly.

Carol S – April 2022

Couldn’t have been better, we get a lot of joy seeing how our other passengers love the experience of private flight.

ONEflight shows them what it’s like to fly with the best.

Warren I – March 2022

Great crew! 

Ryan G – March 2022

A small delay.. who cares when your taking off in a G-V!! Awesome trip!

Kurt R – March 2022

Fabulous flight!  Great plane, super pilots!  

Rolla H – March 2022

Awesome flight, Thx!

Kurt R – March 2022

The flight was great. Superb service from takeoff to landing.

Joseph V – March 2022

The flight went great and it was the second time we’ve flown with Miles and Parley and they’re both great.

Rick E – March 2022

As always, you continue to outdo yourselves. Excellent flight, extremely nice crew, great plane.
Hard to complain about perfection.

Warren I – March 2022

Flight was great, plane was great, pilots were awesome!

Rolla H – March 2022

Our first flight on ONEflight was fantastic!  We are left wondering why we waited so long to purchase a membership! Our hotel pickup was prompt, and the trip to the airport was quick and easy.  After meeting the pilots and sharing our ID, we were off!  Very easy, comfortable, relaxed and pleasant.  We enjoyed a light continental breakfast as we flew north to Reno.

Thank you for a delightful experience; we look forward to planning our next flight.

Leslie & Mark W – March 2022

My thanks to OFI and the wonderful team for making the flight an enjoyable experience for my daughter and her fiance. There were a few bumps but the team responded quickly and helped to make the experience a memorable one. My personal thanks to Mark, Kiley and Kate who did a marvelous job. Dave also actively managed and supported the effort seamlessly. Thank you to all. OFI rocks!

Rodney B – March 2022

Everything went perfect. I want to thank everyone involved for their help. Look forward to my next trip.

Andrew K – March 2022

Everything was terrific.  Thank you and the team.

Michael M – March 2022

The aircraft and crew of N915SF was definitely a cut above the ordinary. I have flown on some that definitely are not but I am not a complainer. This flight was top notch!

I would also like to see the Honda light jet offered that I flew one time. Thanks,

Cheryl E – March 2022

The flight was great adn Captain Mike was awesome.

Rick E – March 2022

Great flight,- pilots were very professional , flight was on time and the catering was good. – The upgrade to the Phenom 300 was especially nice.

Jerry C – March 2022

All was awesome !!

Scott P – March 2022

All good. thank you again.

Schuyler H – March 2022

Thanks the flight was great!  Thanks for checking in.

Nick M – March 2022

Great flight and crew 👍

Dan M – March 2022

Great service and flight!

Dave H – March 2022

The pilots and plane were great!  It was a little hairy there at the end. Had to steer through a line of thunderstorms. Needless to say that ride was our first roller coaster an we weren’t even to Orlando yet

Warren I – March 2022

The flight was wonderful. Thank you.

Carol A – March 2022

Things went great! Thanks for checking in. 

Nick M – March 2022

It was good but we left about 32 minutes late. That’s going to put us in real trouble trying to meet our connections with a golf game etc. We really need to figure out how to do this correctly and on time. That’s my feedback. The pilots were great but it was very very slow start

Ken B – March 2022

All good here!  

Bill K – March 2022

We had a lovely flight yesterday, and so appreciate Tyler picking us up and taking us to the jet.  Everything was very organized, and travel was smooth.  The continental breakfast was just perfect — I even brought some coffee cake home!

Thank you for your work with these arrangements.  We’re already looking forward to our next flight!

Warmest regard 

Leslie & Mark W – March 2022

Great pilots and drivers.  The miscommunication on tail number and departure FBO created problems for both drop offs and pickup, including being dropped off at the wrong FBO and only discovering that after the driver left.  
I assume you know that by now though.   

Chad M – March 2022

Everything was GREAT!!!   Thank you 

Tony S – March 2022

Pilots were great. Not happy with the age and condition of the plane. Seats barely reclined and not that comfortable. Not the quality I expect. Like you to look into alternatives for the return flight.

Jason F – March 2022

Ian:  Flight itself went well. But there were a few issues. First the “good to go “ email had a pick up time one hour late than the flights arrival in Ocala, FL. I called to correct. The pick up instructions to Michael, the driver in Victor, and the catering were given the wrong terminal. The terminal was airport south and not airport north. The catering mistake caused us to need to wait 30 minutes for the breakfast to go from the north terminal to the south terminal. Not fun to wait. The pilot and I were ready to go and not happy we had to wait. Hope this helps.

Ian N – March 2022

The flight was on time, the pilots were professional, and the catering was great. – Good all-around flight.

Jerry C – Feb. 2022

The Flight was excellent – the crew was especially friendly. Thank you again.

Schuyler H– Feb. 2022

Thank you for excellent service.  Thank you, Dave and team as we had an excellent experience 

Much appreciated!

Robert R – Feb. 2022

Lovely, calm flight in fascinating new plane… Vision Jet…

Kay W – Feb. 2022

Flight went great. We got out before the snow. Staff was awesome. Thanks

Lane M – Feb. 2022

Everything was great. Thanks very much!!

Todd P – Feb. 2022

The trip down to Cape Fear & Bald head Island went very smoothly; seamless. So far so good—Thank you

Dave U – Feb. 2022

Thank you Jonathan. We have safely arrived home last night. Great flight too

Vahid M – Feb. 2022

We are in good shape. Flight was perfect. Thank you again. 

Schuyler H – Feb. 2022

All went well.

Dennet W – Feb. 2022

All good!

John H – Feb. 202

Wonderful job. Many thx to all 

Samuel H – Feb. 2022

All, such a smooth flight and coordination on everyone’s part. This customer was very impressed and who knows, Dave R may have to go to work and sell the customer some hours.
A great new Phenom 300 reported. Sweet ride.

Brain F – Feb. 2022

Great flight. Great crew. Enjoying the sun! Thanks!

Tiffany G – Feb. 2022

Flight went great from airplane  (400 Xperia Hawker), to pilots ,to time in air .
Catering was yummy. Thanks everyone.

Ron & Chris S – Feb. 2022

Everything was superior! Thank You!

Bill S – Feb. 2022

Perfect trip. Thank you all for everything. 

Edward B – Feb. 2022

All went well.  Have a great weekend. Thanks Anthony

Larry N – Feb. 2022

Like clockwork and smooth ride on top of that—all in all went great 

Craig B – Feb. 2022

Crew was great and plane was a bit dated but great flight. very strange party van picking us up. it’s no problem but a bit strange.

Jeff S – Feb. 2022

Thanks you much!

Mary S – Feb. 2022

Experience today was excellent and exceeded my expectations. The plane was beautiful and the staff was friendly and professional and the catering was spot on. Transportation was on time friendly and professional and knowledgeable on the experience of dropping off at an FPO.
Communication from your team was excellent all the way through. Once again, experience exceeded my expectations.

Andrew S – Feb. 2022

The pre-flight communication, transport, flight, and service were all wonderful.

Chris H – Feb. 2022

Flight was fantastic. Many thx 

Samuel H – Feb. 2022

It was excellent. Thank you!

Kyle S – Feb. 2022

All went well – rough air at times – excellent crew – take care

Daniel & Shonda M – Feb. 2022

Thank you! Flight was good and pilots were great.  I thought the plane was a little dirty (cupholders, carpets etc.) and older but over-all everything was good.

Mike S – Feb. 2022

The entire experience with the beautiful ONEflight plane, it’s personal, and the trip itself, were absolutely PERFECT!

Kenneth G – Feb. 2022

Flight and crew were wonderful, thanks!

Andrew E – Feb. 2022

Great flight!  Got us out of the super cold to the super nice!

Charni H – Feb. 2022

Thanks for the note. Yes, I arrived safely! Appreciate the very quick work to line this up for me!
Thanks to everyone at ONEFlight!

Jerry H – Feb. 2022

All good. Thanks

Matt L – Feb. 2022

All was well and the crew was professional and personable. Thank you.

Karen B – Feb. 2022

They had great flight and loved the plane.  Now,  that’s the only way my daughter wants to fly!!  

Joel L – Feb. 2022

Everything was great. The flight was on-time, the pilots were courteous ,catering was great .We were very satisfied with entire trip experience. Thanks

Jerry C – Feb. 2022

Thank you all very much . 

Jason B – Feb. 2022

Great flight. No issues! 

Dan W – Feb. 2022

Thanks much . 

Brian F – Feb. 2022

Thanks! All good! Thank you agian. 

Dave M – Feb. 2022

Everything was great. Thank you so much!!! 

Jason B – Feb. 2022


Had the same great crew we have had before.  But that sure is an old plane ready for a little interior retrofit. Thanks.

Barbara B – Feb. 2022

Everything was perfect thanks! 

Lorne W – Feb. 2022

Everything was great. 
Great plane and a great crew make a great trip.  Thanks.

Tom B – Feb. 2022

Excellent flight…great plane and awesome pilots!

Ian G – Feb. 2022

Our flight was Amazing!! The Pilots were wonderful and helpful. 
As always, we can’t thank you and your team enough to ensure our travels were effortless from start to finish!!

Tonia & Rick D – Feb 2022

Everything went very well. Thank you.

Dan L – Feb. 2022

The flight was fine, however I can point to two issues you might like to know about: the cabin pressurization system was subpar, and the only electrical outlet in the cabin was not working. Other than that, all good

Gary S – Feb. 2022

My family and I really liked the plane that we had for our flight home to Maryland. If that plane is available in the future, that is the one that we would like to have whenever we charter a jet and it could be made available.

Robert F– Jan. 2022


Dan L – Feb. 2022

Flight on time. Nice small plane.

Butch P  – Feb. 2022

Small detail, the right door to the lav would not close and no tp. Let the captain know 

Steven R – Feb. 2022

Hi OFI Team, everything was exceptional, great airplane!  Catering and transportation excellent.  Until next time! 

Jason G– Jan. 2022

You and your team are terrific, I believe you can control everything except the weather. Thanks. 

Michael M– Jan. 2022

Everything was like clockwork. Please thank everyone, very professional.

Mike H– Jan. 2022

Thanks again for getting me on board. Frankly, I am not easily convinced by advertisements, and I simply did not believe the John Elway and Robert Herjavec endorsements that there would be a car for the user at both ends of the flight, and free food and so forth.  These things always seem to have upcharges.  I also run a business myself, understand logistics and the costs likely associated with some of these things.  Any time that I hear, ‘…and all these extras for free…” my skeptic antennae goes up. And so, two flights under my belt, and I’m a believer.  Great company, great services, and frankly, the advertisements are not untruthful.  Just saw another ad perhaps 20 minutes ago on CNBC, and I now simply agree right along with Elway’s statements. Quite great, indeed. 

Larry K Jan. 2022

We can’t say enough about how unbelievable Gena was as a pilot. She was so friendly and kind to the entire family that it made everyone feel at ease. We had to deal with some intense winds during decent and she handled it great. Steve and Gena we perfect and the flight and transportation accommodations were great as well. Thank you for all your help and attention. 

Kevin N Jan. 2022

Jan, just wanted to let you know again John has worked his tail off and has worked out the flights for us for Florida which were exactly what we wanted. Very pleased with his performance and wanted to make sure he knew that I was letting you know this thank you. 

Everything was perfect !! Great plane and pilots were great guys. fine. Thank you.

Bill S – Jan. 2022

Thumbs up all the way around! thx!

Flight and plane and pilots were excellent

Robert R Jan. 2022

Flawless. Thank you. 

Art P Jan. 2022

Pilots did a great job in rough landing

Mark M Jan. 2022

Great flight, nice crew.

Kurt R – Jan. 2022

All set.  And thank you!

John B – Jan. 2022

Thank you everything was great!

Matt F – Jan. 2022

Thank you so much.

Brook W – Jan. 2022

Great ride- fast. Let’s get wheels up and down right in the account 

Mark M – Jan. 2022

Everything was perfect. Steve and Jose were great. We had some young flyers and they were both great with them and very attentive to us all. Thank you very much. 

Kevin N – Dec. 2021

Very nice work everyone,  we really appreciate your wonderful on time service and friendly  people.   Best Regards.  

Chris B – Dec. 2021

Your pilots did a terrific job to bring my son, daughter-in-law and their two young children here to Destin safely. 

They had a wonderful flight and your pilots were so helpful to load their luggage in a heavy downpour. 

We are so grateful to you and thanks for the excellent service.

Bob W – Dec. 2021

All is well.  We are grateful that the plane was able to wait 1.5 hours for my family.  A 50 minute drive turned out to be 3.5 hours due to post snow storm traffic.

Thanks to Drew’s very professional and very helpful coordination!

Jon L – Dec. 2021

Probably one of the busiest travel days of the year, and Murphy’s Law pops up in your day with our trip being delayed. Nobody likes a travel delay, but your ability to develop an alternative flight for us when problems occurred on this very busy travel day speaks volumes about your dedication to your customers and your ability to quickly move to plan B and get us to our destination with only a 3 hour delay. And we traveled in style with a very nice upgrade. Thank you, Melissa and our thanks for being there for us. Best wishes for a happy holiday season, and I hope you get a chance to spend time with your family over the holidays

Larry N – Dec. 2021

Folks, it went very well, Thank you for getting me started on this new experience!

Larry K – Dec. 2021

Fantastic, Great Crew and the flight was easy and wonderful.  Thanks to ONElight to get us a plane at the last minute!  Jan, you and your crew did a wonderful job for me and Rusty.  Please have a wonderful holidays to all at one Flight.  Thanks again

Reece B – Dec. 2021

The flight was excellent.  Everything went very smoothly.  The flight planning was well done and the crew was very helpful and attentive. Thank you.

Greg C – Nov. 2021

The plane was as smooth as butter. The crew was great, especially the flight attendant, Mary Beth. Lovely flight, thank you!

Karen B – Nov. 2021

Once again we had a nice flight.  Thanks to Anna’s help, my personal car magically appeared planeside at my returning FBO, which was different than my departing FBO.

Jon L – Nov. 2021

Everything was all good.. Awesome plane great pilots! Thanks

Michael H – Nov. 2021


Lane M – Nov. 2021

It was perfect. Amazing from the beginning to the end!

Chris Q – Nov. 2021

Catering – excellent, Aircraft – Excellent (very well kept on the inside and well stocked with snacks), Pilots – very “let’s get down to business, Ground transportation – excellent, Jose is very professional and since being introduced to him via ONEflight I use him personally. service that I’ve received from the entire team has been great. 

Peter C – Nov. 2021

The service that I’ve received from the entire team has been great.  The communication and response time was very quick and very helpful, especially since our requests were last minute during the busy holiday season.

Eric C – Nov. 2021

The flight was great and the pilots were excellent! Food was delicious and the driver was courteous. Thank you. 

Tiffany G – Nov. 2021

We arrived in Florida and the flight was a joy. The whole experience, from booking to landing (and eating in between) was seamless and easy.

Joseph V Nov. 2021

Thanks for the note and our flight went great! The trip was on time and the pilots we’re terrific. I recommended your company to a friend of mine as a result of today’s flight.

Rick E Nov. 2021

Our first roundtrip with ONEflight was great in all aspects and very impressed with the carriers that took us to and from. Thanks to all for your support and help, the results exceeded your words and promises. Looking forward to the next trip. Looks like we made a good choice leaving Wheels UP!

John & Carl W Nov. 2021

Everything was perfect on both legs of the flight.  We could not be happier.

Darrell M Oct. 2021

Pilots were nice and we made great time. Very smooth flight all around. The charcuterie plates we ordered were the best ever. Tons of food, good variety and quaility.

Bill S Oct. 2021

Everything went great- excellent coordination and flight was terrific.

Oscar J Oct. 2021

It was a great flight and want to thank you all for the superb service. Even the pilots mentioned how on top of everything your team was in making sure we were well cared for.  

Peter N Oct. 2021

We have arrived in Hayward. The ONEflight team did an excellent job managing through the complications of yesterday’s weather. We look forward to flying with you again later this week.

Tim A Oct. 2021

Right on time departing and arriving maybe 10 minutes early. Very smooth ride, catering was spot on, coffee and pastry were perfect. The Pilot and Co-Pilot were very polite and professional, gave them usual tip for the good expereince.

Charlie H Oct. 2021

I was very very impressed with ONEflight and every aspect of our trip,  I couldn’t be more pleased.

Paul H Oct. 2021

Everything went well on both legs of our trip. Aircraft, catering, pilots and car all worked out perfect. We look forward to our next trip. Thanks for your help. 

Bill E Oct. 2021

Great job by the crew.  They were patient on Thursday when one of my guests was delayed in traffic, and provided excellent service again today!

John N Oct. 2021

Great flight – great pilots – great jet service!!

Rolla H Sept. 2021

Great as always. Super nice and professional crew. 

William M Sept. 2021

All went as planned. The transportation on each end was excellent. Your team’s communications on each segment were great and helpful. The flight was great, very nice interiore and excellent for our large cargo.

Mike B Sept. 2021

Experience today was excellent.  We arrived early at the Aspen airport and departed early for an early arrival at Heber Airport. The pilots were polite and professional. Catering and transportation were equally excellent.

Ann K Sep. 2021

Thanks to all who made the trip special from start to finish.  I appreciate the special attention I always receive.

John B Sep. 2021

This was my first experience with Oneflight and I am very satisfied.  The trip was well planned and well executed.  I had an excellent experience.

Greg C Sep. 2021

Everything went well.  The pilots were lovely people, the jet was very comfortable, catering was great and the transportation on both ends. Very comfortable, professional and timely. All in all everyone executred thier part very well. Thanks for coordinating.

Karen B Sep. 2021

Perfect on all fronts! Great aircraft and pilots! Catering and trasprotation were great as well. Everyone was very nice and accomodating!! Thanks!

Bill S Sep. 2021

Flight was great the crew was outstanding food was tasty we had nice trip looking forward to the return on Sunday

Nicholas K Aug. 2021

Thx, Dalton. Flight was perfect. Gotta love ONE FLIGHT! 👍

Kurt R Aug. 2021

Everything went great.  BTW that Honda jet is a nice light jet.  Never been on one before. Definitely try that again in the future

Oscar J Aug. 2021

Very good experience. Pilots were affable and efficient. Flight was smooth and quick. Cheese and fruit plate was excellent, those guys!

John B Aug. 2021

Everything was PERFECT! Great trip. Thank you everybody at ONE FLIGHT!

Kurt R Aug. 2021

Super successful flight, my son and daughter-in-law loved the CJ3+ and said the flight was great!

Ben B Aug. 2021

Everything went perfectly!  We left a little earlier than scheduled which worked out great, and look forward to Saturday’s return flight with the same plane and crew.

David & Cindy W Aug. 2021

Same crew as last time.  Plane was incredible and so was the crew.  I highly recommend them and the plane.

Bart B July 2021

Your team was extraordinary, as we added additional passengers , thanks for helping accommodate our request , I appreciate your team

Mitch C July 2021


I spoke with my son, Tim, he said everything went well. The driver arrived early, which worked our perfectly as he and his son were ready to go. The flight crew was ready when they arrived, so they were able to leave early. The catering was perfect, jis son loved the addition of the chocolate chip cookies. They wouldn’t have changed anything. Thank you for taking good care of my son nand grandson.

Leslie S July 2021


Everything was quite smooth.  I liked the flight crew and the aircraft.  Great trip all around.  Thank you

Ben B July 2021

Your team was extraordinary as we added additional passengers. Thanks for helping accommodate our request, I appreciate your team

Mitch C July 2021

We had the best experience yesterday when we flew from SNA to Moffet in the bright red Hawker with Timothy as our pilot.  We were chatting with him after and he suggested we have you put him as our preferred carrier  and we are all in.  I googled Timothy Lomakin and he is as impressive as we perceived.  When we landed we all looked up at the same time and were amazed that we were on the ground because we never felt the landing!  

Barb B Jul. 2021

The trip was great. The pilots were very nice and courteous. We arrived ahead of schedule

Tom G Jul. 2021

Thank you Daniel, and thank you to Jan for making this happen up on very short notice… And of course thank you to the entire ONEflight team.

Sandy G Jul. 2021

Everything went perfect. The plane was very recently refurbished on the interior and looked great! Excellent operator/pilots.

Eric G Jun. 2021

Amazing from the first second until the last from the trip

Chris Q. Jun. 2021

It was a great flight again!  Great pilots, service and very accommodating of our last minutes requests. I appreciate everyone’s efforts!

Daniel M. Jun. 2021

The flight was amazing. The crew was really nice, professional and accommodating. The aircraft is beautiful. All was well and we really enjoyed our experience. Thank you.

Kirin K. Jun. 2021

Everything went as smooth as silk. Everyone was pleased with the service the flight and the food. All we can hope for now is that the Sixers win. Not exactly, two of the guys on here are from Georgia and of course they want the Hawks to win. Thank you for a great first flight!

Frank M. Jun. 2021

Thank you for checking in. The flight was fantastic and the pilots were wonderful. The food was delicious, and the ground transportation (for both trips) was right on time with the exact car that we needed for the amount of people and luggage that we had. Excellent!!

Jennifer W. Jun. 2021

It was great! On time great flight, great plane and great crew

Joe B. Jun. 2021

It was a very enjoyable experience.  10 out of 10.

Gerald W. Jun. 2021

The flight was great . Left on time , Landed on time . Car service was there . Pilots were terrific . 

Ray L. Jun. 2021

Flight was spectacular, I was actually sorry when we started to descend as It was peaceful and I was so comfortable!!! Your/my pilots were very friendly, informative and very professional. All in all a wonderful experience. Thank you.

Jill S. Jun. 2021

The trip was one of the best.  Top notch pilots and plane.  Thanks for you guys hard work 

Chris H. Jun. 2021

Good morning.  The plane, crew, and flight were terrific!

John B. Jun. 2021

Everything went like clockwork. Great flight. Thanks

Lydia S. Jun. 2021

Thank you! A lovely flight 

Goldie H. Jun. 2021

Was a great trip.   Great plane and pilots 

Chris H. Jun. 2021

It went great.  Very nice flight.  The pilots were spot on.  Very informative and did a great job.  Thank you 

Jim A. Jun. 2021

Everything went very smooth!  Great pilots and comfortable plane, thanks you. 

Dina D. Jun. 2021

Everything went really well. Would like to mention that the catering was outstanding. 

Lydia S. Jun. 2021

Thank you. Flight was great as always the ONEflight team is amazing. 

Scott L Jun. 2021

Flight and crew were great. Thanks!

John G Jun. 2021

Everything was perfect, everyone very helpful!! It was very safe. Thank you very much for everything. 

Crhis Q May. 2021

Everything was great, from pick up to drop off.  I fear that my commercial days are over. Thanks to all, excited/appreciative to be a member.

Ryan W May. 2021

Thank you Jacob, and the entire ONEflight team, for taking such good care of Mr. J. It is nice to not have to worry when he flies with you!

Marilyn C May. 2021

Outstanding flight, excellent crew and plane.

Warren I May. 2021

Everything was perfect! I’ll likely travel again soon. Many thanks

Presley R May. 2021

Everything was amazing today, bravo everyone. The airplane was off the charts.  See you soon and thanks again!

Jason G May. 2021

The flight was great once again and the pilots were great too. Hope to have Captain Brox on my next flight. He has been on my first 2 flights with OFI and he does a terrific job. Looking forward to my next flight.

Stephen S May. 2021

The Jet was great – the crew were great – the flight was great! We arrived at the airport 45 minutes early – Key West is a small island.  The pilot met us at the car and said they were ready to go. We departed 30 minutes earlier than scheduled and landed early as well.

John Y May. 2021

Everything about this flight was very well done. I could not be more pleased. The drivers the crew and the plane were great. Looking forward to the next flight! 

Walter L May. 2021

The flights were perfection!

Brook W May. 2021

Terrific uneventful flight, appreciate the notice on the time limitations, we were able to achieve wheels up before 6pm, hopefully let the FBO guy go home early!

Chris G May. 2021

Outstanding flight! Food was amazing as well. Thank you !

James C May. 2021

Once again all is perfect!

Russel M May. 2021

The flight, the crew, the plane, surpassed our expectations!!

William S May. 2021

Everything went really well today. Nice upgrade!

Lydia S. May. 2021

This by far was one of the best flights we have had with One Flight after the upgrade. The plane was very nice and the crew were great. The onboard catering was also top notch.  Everything from the cards for the moms, strawberry’s, and the chocolate cake.  Great! Our daughter was very excited and surprised and had a great trip. The transportation both in Greensboro and in Denver was great as well.

Lane M. May. 2021

Everything was great…the upgraded plane was fantastic!!! Thank you all…

Mr. J May. 2021

Great pilot, plane and crew….love it

Jeff S May. 2021

Our flight was absolutely the best. The Pilot and Co-pilot took good care of us. The pilot gave us a smooth flight with a touchdown that we hardly felt. Quite impressive. Also, the car service was professional and thorough. We had a great first experience with ONEflight!

Danielle S May. 2021

Thank You Everyone!! …..We’re TOTALLY Hooked ! Every aspect and touch point was PERFECT!!  The aircraft was awesome and the crew extremely friendly, kind and gracious! You’ll never know how much this means to us, it’s beyond words. A huge thanks and much gratitude to each of you for the part you played. Your patience and persistance paid off and is greatly appreciated! Can’t wait unitl our next trip!

Bill S May. 2021

The flight was excellent! I look forward to my next flight..probably next Friday back to Dallas.

Stephen S May. 2021

Best flight ever.  Those guys rock.  

Matt B May. 2021

Great experience, thank you.

Amir N May. 2021

Great flight great crew.  Great experience!

Keith G May. 2021

Everything was perfect with the trip.  We appreciate it!

Bret M May. 2021

Everything went very smooth and everyone was on time. All the details were handle perfectly and the crew did a great job! It was a terrific experience. Best of all, I made my son’s soccer game with some time to spare and watched him score 3 goals. It wouldn’t have been possible without ONEflight/BAJit.com

Kyle B May. 2021

Everything went very well. Thank you all. Flight crew were great. 

Devin P May. 2021

Great flight!  Professional Crew and nice plane!

Kieth G. Apr. 2021

Thanks to all for making this impossible trip possible Great service

Edmund C. Apr. 2021

Sorry for the delay on my email. It was very good. Perfect. All service impeccable. Congratulations 

Chris Q. Apr. 2021

Really nice plane and crew!

Jeff S. Apr. 2021

Good flight good crew. Liked the plane. Limo was at airport waiting. Nicely done 

Charlie H. Apr. 2021

Another smooth flight – great pilots – loving this – thanks OneFlight.

Rolla H. Apr. 2021

Everything was perfect. I am safe at home with an amazing  experience with ONEflight. Thank you for taking care of our safety and care about us. Thank You ? 

Chris Q. Apr. 2021

Everything was great on the trip!!!!!!!!!! Appreciate the great service!!!

Mark W. Apr. 2021

Great flight – Great Pilots – Great Time!! Doug and Erich were great – everything went so smooth! Thanks again ONEflight!!

Rolla H. Apr. 2021

The flight tonight was fantastic.The plane was the best one yet. Food and beverage were superb. Crew was great. Very enjoyable.

Juan R. Apr. 2021

The flight tonight was fantastic. The plane was the best one yet. Food and beverage were superb. Crew was great. Very enjoyable.

Carla M. Apr. 2021

Everything was great.  The plane, food, pilots, transportation. All went well

Lane M. Apr. 2021

Good evening. I just got of the phone with Jan and gave my highest praise about the personalized service. Everything went flawless without a single hitch. Your team did an amazing job from registration, booking, pick-up, concierge, Jet, pilots etc. Your team made our experience one for the record books. We can’t wait for our next flight. Blessings to you all.

Harrison H. Apr. 2021

Thanks for checking in.  Everything went perfectly. It was a stressful trip for us as my husband is very ill yet I can’t imagine it going any better.  The pilots were both very professional and also very compassionate and kind. Can’t say enough wonderful things about them. Thank you to your whole team for making this such a comfortable and smooth experience for us. 

Jessica M. Apr. 2021

The flight was fabulous – great pilots – see you guys in a week – thanks OneFlight!

Rolla H. Apr. 2021

Great plane!!

Robert S Apr. 2021

Outstanding plane and crew. First class!

Jeff S. Apr. 2021

Flight was nice and smooth – thanks for another safe and pleasant lift. 

Schuyler W. Apr. 2021

Hello all. Once again a great flight the flight crew was awesome the aircraft was nice. Great trip all the way around!

D. W. Apr. 2021

Great flight once again ?

Mark S. Apr. 2021

Carrie and I wanted to thank you for the amazing experience. We loved the door to door service and are now hooked J. I have already talked to 3 executives about my experience and they will be reaching out to Dave when they travel next time. I plan to share my story with others. Thanks agian for your care and kindness throughout our trip, it was amazing!

Jim & Carrie L. Apr. 2021

Everything was just perfect both ways.  Thank you so very much.  We really appreciated that the driver was in Hayward when we landed even though we were an hour earlier than planned.  He is always  great driver.

Sandy A. Apr. 2021

A+!  The plane, food, beverages, and transportation were top notch. 

Lanee M. Apr. 2021

All was absolutely perfect Jacob thank you very much!

Andy & Deb G. Apr. 2021

Another perfect trip.  Thank you!

Chad M. Apr. 2021

Great flight and crew. Catering was excellent. Enjoyed it thank you.

Mike S. Apr. 2021

Very nice flight, compliments to the crew

Ben T. Apr. 2021

All around first class, pilots were very friendly, catering was delicious and aircraft was very nice.  Thank you!

Jaosn G. Apr. 2021

They loved it. I don?t know who had more fun, the 17 year old kid that wants to be a pilot or the pilots themselves. Thank again ONEfight team!!!

Rolla H. Apr. 2021

Was all very good. Thank you ? 

Richard F. Apr. 2021

Everything went great. Thanks. 

Pat G. Mar. 2021

I want to thank everyone for helping out and providing her with an amazing experience.

Karen B. Mar. 2021

Thank you for the email.  We had a great trip.  The upgrade was very nice. Was surprised to have a flight attendant

Lane M. Mar. 2021

I just wanted to let you know that I had an excellent experience today.  The pilots were exceptional.  Great team! 

Stepahnie G. Mar. 2021

Everything went well. Thank you. That aircraft and staff were exceptional. 

Kiran K. Mar. 2021

Thanks.  Everything was great.  We appreciate you guys taking care of everything.

Kelly H. Mar. 2021

Fantastic – Paul and Rick were great – like the jet also

Rolla H. Mar. 2021

Thanks everyone – another good flight!

Schuyler H. Mar. 2021

Thanks to all of the team for pulling this off for us today. Totally saved the day!

Georege T. Mar. 2021

Crew very helpful. Plane clean and catering on board. Crew and plane were ready to go when I was

Butch P. Mar. 2021

You guys were awesome with everything, thanks for all your help!

Matthew B. Mar. 2021

Awesome flight! Y’all r the best!

Brandon I Mar. 2021

Everything went great. No issues. Thanks 

Dennis S. Mar. 2021

Wow – that was a fast – great flight – Dusty and Jack are great pilots.

Rolla H. Mar. 2021

Perfect, Perfect, and MORE Perfect! Excellence in both limo. Catering superb.

Bill T. Mar. 2021

Everything went well. The pilots got us here safely and on time. Good trip!

Jospeh N. Mar. 2021

Great planning, superb customer service, and flawless execution … well done.

Mike W. Mar. 2021

Everything was perfect.   Pilots were very good and friendly.   The same goes for our transportation driver.   Only compliments from us.

James H. Mar. 2021

Just landed. The flight was great. Very comfortable and one of the fastest jet trips I’ve ever taken from Minneapolis to Kalamazoo. Probably very close to one hour. Thanks to ONEflight for arranging it. Enjoyed it.

Tim F. Mar. 2021

G: everything was excellent. Smooth flight, good crew, nice plane. Winner!  

Michael S. Mar. 2021

Smooth trip. Thank you very much.

Mike S. Feb. 2021

Went perfect! Thanks Haley for pulling this together.

Lee R. Feb. 2021

The plane and pilots were great. Very nice plane inside.

Kenny P. Feb. 2021

More than I expected!!! Excellence x 5 Stars!!!

Phil P. Feb. 2021

Bottom Line: OFI has really got its act together. Every “touch” is perfectly timed and focused on a Customer First priority. I hope you will tell your team that I have been contracted with every private aviation firm over the last thirty years and OFI is superior in VALUE, COMMUNICATION, and TRUE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I remain grateful for being your client!

Bill T. Feb. 2021

Great flight.  Best pilots ever. 

Gregory M. Feb. 2021

Great flight! Everything went as planned. Thanks for the amazing service!

Jeffrey W. Feb. 2021

We are home.  Thanks for following up.  Great aircraft, great pilots, great service!  Thank you!!!

Clay B. Feb. 2021

Everything handled quite well. Thanks so much. Sent you over new potential client

Dennis M. Feb. 2021

My flight to Greensboro was fantastic. We had no issues and enjoyed the flight.  

Lane M. Feb. 2021

Inbound flight tonight back to SNA was bumpy over central California which was to be expected with pressure centers moving through the area. That Excel took those bumps like a Championship Baja race car. Our pilots kept checking on us and we kept giving him & her big smiles and thumbs up.

Bill T. Feb. 2021

Thank you all again for helping us have a great day and helping ensure everything went quite smoothly. We look forward to booking our next flight!

Kiran K. Feb. 2021

Thx. Everything about this trip was great. Thx again!!

Lorne W. Feb. 2021

Both flights were great as usual. :))))  Thank you!

Mark S. Feb. 2021

Thank you! We especially enjoyed the pilots who were total pros. Comfortable and safe trip into Florida just in time to miss out on a new round of snow in Indiana. Rental car was right there and charcuterie was delicious.  Thank you. Great trip

Karen B. Feb. 2021


Steven D. Feb. 2021

Y’all are greatness as always. Awesome flight.

Brandon I. Feb. 2021

Excellent crew and all your coordinations were on point. Thank you all ?

Amir N. Feb. 2021

That was an awesome trip. Thank you so very much. Love the Black Jet!!!  And the sandwiches were a big hit too! Can’t wait for the next trip! Cheers!

Kenneth I. Feb. 2021

Thank you very much for making the arrangements for our trip to Florida yesterday. We were very happy with how everything went. The plane was great and met our standards. The pilots were clearly experienced and were very helpful and kind. The logistics all worked out well and as expected including the rental car booking, etc. The ONEflight team was there and available if anything was needed. The catering was very good. The food quality was great and everything we wanted was there.

Kiran K. Feb. 2021

Everything was great – like it always is! Thank you ONEflight!!

Mark D. Feb. 2021

Everything was great.   Super helpful and nice pilots.

Sonny N. Feb. 2021

Everything was great.  The driver was great yesterday – the pilots were excellent.   All went as smooth as we could’ve hoped.   Thank you.  

Brian W. Feb. 2021

The flight was wonderful.  Very professional and knowledgeable team on board that were able to do a quick turnaround. Thank you again for arranging this backup flight so quickly.  Best, Chad

Chad M. Feb. 2021

All good – everything was great.  In route to the hotel now.  Thanks for checking in.  

Brian W. Feb. 2021

We had a great flight.  The aircraft, crew, ground transpo and catering – were all excellent. Thanks agian for a wonderful trip. You all ROCK!

Ken I. Feb. 2021

You guys are awesome! Perfect flight! Thanks for all you do!

James C. Feb. 2021

All perfect, plane is beautifully updated. Pilots A+

Jeff S. Feb. 2021

The whole thing was GREAT!

Andrew G. Feb. 2021

Thanks for the email.  We had a perfect flight, from the moment we were picked up at our house in CO,  till the moment we were dropped off at our condo in NC. 

Lane M. Feb. 2021

It was awesome as always every time we fly with you guys it’s seamless we really appreciate it thank you so much

Mike H. Jan. 2021

Great service and flight…

David H. Jan. 2021

Great flight, crew and plane! Thanks for checking in and helping us. 

Eric S. Jan. 2021

Thanks to all – worked perfectly. Thanks for the great service!

Dave M. Jan. 2021

Everything went very well as usual. Thanks again. 

Knet E. Jan. 2021

Everything went well. We asked to move the departure up the day before and were accommodated. The crew got us home safe and sound!

Tim C. Jan. 2021

We made it home. Everything was perfect. Thank you! We really appreciated the jet upgrade. Denny also picked us up at KTYQ in a stretch limo, so we had plenty of room to fit all our luggage (even without having to tie a kid to the roof…). Great job to everyone!

Clay B Jan. 2021

Everything was excellent. 

Randy S. Jan. 2021

Thank you for the follow up. It was a very nice flight polite and professional flight crew and the plane was in very nice shape. Couldn’t be happier!

D.W. Jan. 2021

It was great! Thank you. A perfect trip.

Thekla S. Jan. 2021

On the ground and heading home. Thanks for taking such good care of us. Very nice aircraft and crew. Look forward to the next trip with you all. Cheers

Ken I. Jan. 2021

On the ground and heading home. Thanks for taking such good care of us. Very nice aircraft and crew. Look forward to the next trip with you all. Cheers

Tim C. Jan. 2021

Yes we arrived safe and sound around 2:00 and home around by 2:30. Other than having to wait a bit to take on fuel everything went very smoothly. The transportation to and from the airports were on time and the aircraft was very comfortable and spacious for us. Pilots were courteous and kept us up to date on the fuel delay. Catering was good but we liked the sandwiches better on the way down.

Max C. Jan. 2021

Everything went well both ways with both planes. The SUV operator was a good man, helped out. The fruit and cheese platters were well done. I briefly visited the small plane for our guests while on the ground. It looked very nice, I was surprised it had a flight attendant for an 8 seater. My guests told me they had a very good experience both ways. Our large plane was also very nice. Our flight attendant was outstanding, helped us out a lot with five grandchildren and the dog. All in all, a very good experience. You all did a very good job. See you on the next trip. Best

Dennis R Jan. 2021

Great flight. Thank you. You can mark that one down for a repeat.

Kelley H. Jan. 2021

Pilots were excellent and flight went great. Highly recommend them.

David H. Dec. 2020

Excellent flight, great operator

Lorne W. Dec. 2020

Perfect again!

Ken B. Dec. 2020

Good Morning, great flight and excellent flight crew got us home safe. Also, as always, Drew, you and rest of the OFI crew were fantastic.
Happy New Year

Amir N. Dec. 2020

Hi, everything was fantastic. There was a window shade that wouldn’t stay up just FYI near the entrance door. Crew, aircraft, catering, transportation first class. Thx!

Jaosn G Dec. 2020

This is my first trip with OneFlight as a new member. I must say the amount and quality of communication on every aspect (flight details, health, car service, food, etc…) in preparing for the flight was extraordinary. It was a great experience. Many thanks.

Tom S. Dec. 2020

It was awesome flight crew was very professional and everything was smooth just like the flight. We enjoyed it and want to thank everyone for a quick turn around. Look forward to next flight with y’all!

Keith & Maureen G Dec. 2020

Good morning. We had a great flight yesterday. I would like to keep this plane and crew on our preferred list and use them whenever available. The plane is extremely clean and comfortable and we would highly recommend them to anyone you have flying with you. Have a great week and a happy new year!!”

Jay S. Dec. 2020

All went very well. This is the third time we flew on this plane and crew. They do a very nice job with everything. Thanks

Jeff F. Dec. 2020

Hope you are having a great day. The flight went really well. We really liked this plane and pilots. Seems like they are local to the area too. If we ever got the chance to use them again that would be great. All The Best

Scott S. Dec. 2020

It went absolutely perfect….thank you for a safe and awesome experience

Mark A. Dec. 2020

Everything was great and Patrick, Paul, and Jessica were awesome. Thanks and have a great evening.

Anthony S. Dec. 2020

Fantastic flight! Super smooth ??

Mark S. Dec. 2020

Thank you, everything was great! Very smooth landing – they didn’t even feel it! Merry Christmas and we’ll see you on Sunday for another flight

The G. Family Dec. 2020

Thank you for everything. The flight went great. The crew was very nice and helpful. I filled the plane with gifts for Christmas and they managed to fine a place for everything.
Merry Christmas

Jamie S. Dec. 2020

We had a great flight and the crew was awesome as well as the ground crews on both ends of our flight! Additionally the car service was great as well and the entire process today was flawless. Thanks for making it happen! Merry Christmas!

Jay S. Dec. 2020

Your service is of great quality! The courtesy and high level of professionalism displayed by the personnel (From the Flight Crew to the Flight Coordinators, to the Concierge Service to the Ground Transportation Technicians) who served Mr. R have been remarkable. Thank you for your service.
Mr. R. looks forward to his next trip with OneFlight.
Happy Holidays!

Linda C. Dec. 2020

We had a wonderful experience with our flights. I also appreciate that Drew tracked answers down to my Covid protocol questions.
Wishing you and the team a happy and healthy 2021!

Stephanie G. Dec. 2020

This represents another “seamless” experience. Ground transportation, in-flight service, the flight crew and plane were all fantastic. Can’t think of any other suggestions from our collective experience today.

Ben B. Dec. 2020

Flight crew and aircraft were great. 5 out 5 stars. Thanks and happy holidays and happy new year.

Jon K. Dec. 2020

Everything went extremely well today. The driver that picked us up in Scottsdale was incredible as we had a lot of luggage to get to the airport. Our plane as well as my mom’s to SLC were right next to each other which was an unexpected and hugely positive outcome as I was able to help her onto her plane. The food on our flight was quite nice and my kids really appreciated that. Thanks to the entire ONEflight team for making our wedding weekend so safe and enjoyable!

Ben B. Dec. 2020

Thank you so much for helping make this travel experience a great one!

Karla Y Dec. 2020

It was great! Thanks to all of you that made it happen

Mike W. Dec. 2020

Was a great trip. Terrific aircraft and superb crew. Thanks for taking such wonderful care of us. Happy holidays!

Kenneth I. Dec. 2020

The flight was wonderful. Our pilots were professional and very courteous, and the catering was quite nice. We appreciate all the attention to detail! Many thanks

Rebecca G. Dec. 2020

The flight was fantastic both going and coming. Pilots were courteous and professional. The aircraft interior was also well appointed and comfortable for us. Thanks for taking care of us again and happy holidays to y’all. Thanks again

John B. Dec. 2020

Everyone involved did an excellent job- and coordinated everything on very short notice-and made it happen over the weekend!! Impressive! 🙂 Thank you!

Jennifer W. Dec. 2020

Really enjoyed the flight all was terrific. Thanks

Brent E. Dec. 2020

Thanks. All went very smoothly!!

Charley H. Dec. 2020

It was awesome thank you to all involved

Michael W. Dec. 2020

Everything was great. Zero issues whatsoever. Perfect.

Todd L. Dec. 2020

You guys are amazing! The Ritz Carlton of flying. From beginning to end, perfect!!

James C. Dec. 2020

Yes, we got in safe and sound just before dark. Everyone who helped in the planning and during the travel day was wonderful and so helpful. I want to thank Haley Whitehouse who was especially patient and helpful on Wednesday and Thursday as we navigated the insurance requirements and the complicated registration process of Costa Rica to ensure entry to the country. She went above and beyond and was very appreciated! Thank you again,

Heather T. Dec. 2020

All well! The crew, the flight, the service, the catering have met all expectations and beyond.
We appreciate the ONEflight team for their attentiveness and care.
Good wishes

Raphael B. Dec. 2020

Fantastic and the crew was excellent, thanks Reece 

Reece B Dec. 2020

Everything went great yesterday, no issues whatsoever. Until next time.

Natahan A. Dec. 2020

All around excellent, thank you!

Jason G. Dec. 2020

Thank you. Wonderful experience! You guy’s are amazing!

James C. Dec. 2020

Thank you. The flight was excellent, Adam and Nicolas are very good pilots.

Michael M. Nov. 2020

All is good. These guys were great! And got to see a Full Moon rising as the Sun was setting.


Great flight!


David G. Nov. 2020

Thank you! The flight was great and we arrived safely. We are enjoying family now. Have a wonderful holiday.

Audrey F Nov. 2020

This was an “emergency” travel event for us which meant the anxiety level was a bit higher than usual. I booked the flight using the online tool around 10:30am PT.. I didn’t expect the flight to depart until early to late evening so I hope you can appreciate my surprise when Melissa called and said she secured an aircraft that was better than I expected, that would depart at 4:30pm PT. The test of one’s service is arguably measured by how one performs under pressure and the ONEflight team crushed it yesterday! All concierge services fell into place with limited lead time and the entire experience put my wife at ease during a time when she was traveling to assist her father whose health is failing. This was an 11 out of 10 performance!

Ben B. Nov. 2020

The flight was great. Pilots very accommodating. No problems at all. Thanks

David G. Nov. 2020

The service was outstanding regarding all facets of our trip. The coordination of our group travel including my personal transportation to and from the airport. Outstanding praise to the pilots who landed in Bandon during the “smoke out!!” Please provides recognition for their exceptional performance.


Dino S. Sept. 2020


Everything was perfect. Thank you all for your superb service.


Cecilia S.Sept. 2020


I swear to the aviation Gods that ONEflight service and customer care is UNMATCHED in my 40 years of flying private. You guys have it down to the last detail. My family thanks your whole team.


Bill T. July 2020


Perfect flight, thanks.


Earl M. July 2020


It could not have been better!!! True 1st class service! Thanks so much!


Matt F. July 2020


“We had a great flight. Excellent aircraft and crew – would love to fly with them again (anytime)!
Thanks for always taking such great care of us. You all are the best!”


Kenneth I. July 2020


Everything was absolutely perfect.  Thank you everyone for coordinating all the little details.


Tony S. July 2020


Send me with these people again.


Carl T. July 2020


Very much appreciated!!!


Amir N. July 2020


Excellent flight, super nice crew all went off without hitch. Thanks


Ben T. July 2020


Honestly best flight we have take with  ONEflight.  Awesome service and best plane


Chris H. July 2020


Thank you both for doing all that you did to make our ONEflight experience so wonderful! And the fog lifted just enough for us to land…did you make that happen? And am grateful for passing along the word about a slow decent. Warm regards.


Suzanne M. June 2020


Andrew, the flight went very well including the catering. Thanks!


Dan L. June 2020


GREAT FLIGHT. EXACTLY 63 minutes, both going and coming!!!


David R. June 2020


Everybody was thrilled at the ride.  !!!!!!!


Jim M. June 2020


Everything tremendous, thank you!


Jaosn G. June 2020


Very happy with the flight, pilots  and catering. Thanks so much!


Brent E. June 2020


Great flight. Best pilots we’ve had.


Gregory M. June 2020


The flight was excellent. Great crew.


Jospeh N. June 2020


“Wow, everything was perfect!   You guys make this look easy which is the hallmark sign of true professionalism.  Every detail, from the pickup (David has actually driven for my corporate events – great guy), the plane, the food and beverages, the car, literally everything was perfect. Christine and I are grateful for your thorough expertise and impeccable customer service. Thank you!”

Mike W. June 2020

“Flight was fantastic. Loved the plane, very fast. Feels good to be home. Thank you again for a job well done. Crew was great.”

Joel L. June 2020

“The flight couldn’t have been better. Pilots were super Meals were great. Drive picked us up plane-side. Outstanding service! Thank you!”

Eric S. June 2020

“Great flight. Best pilots we’ve had.”

Gregory M. June 2020

“Great experience, last minute, you guys are terrific.”

Dennis M. June 2020

“As always the ONEflight teams. Rocks. Special shout to Jan & Kim for their help!”

Brian S. June 2020

“Today I had a perfect experience. Thank you all for making it easy. The two pilots, Eric and John, were great and the plane / ride was enjoyable. Got back a little early too even though had to dodge weather.  WiFi was Useful. Well done. Thanks.”

Deb C. May 2020

“Thanks David the flight was great and the pilots were extraordinary, very sensitive to Stephanie’s fear of flying and very helpful in explaining how they fly and why it is so safe. They were great.”

John G. May 2020

All perfect!

Donald R. May 2020

“Everything went well today. Thank you everyone for insuring another easy day of traveling. Thanks!”

Bret W. May 2020

“My Family and I just returned from our home in the Grand Cayman islands for the past two months. The initial flight you provided and comped for us was amazing. No puddle jumper that’s for sure or an old worn out plane. First class mid-size Jet-intercontinental size. Our new membership has been an awesome experience from the beginning to the arrivals as well as the return flight today, despite the challenges of the COVID virus locking down the countries. You and ONEflight pulled it all together with ease for us as the end user customer to freely come and go. Thank you for keeping your promises, delivering a superior service, we are looking forward to many more trips in our new private jet partner, ONEflight and BAJit.”

Roland S. May 2020

“Landed and on my way in the car. Thank you for coordinating all so well and so quickly today, very appreciated. Everything was great. Thank you for the prompt service in getting me down to West Palm and thank you for the upgrades. Very much appreciated. Also thank you for helping to insure the pilots and drivers took all the necessary safety steps that also helped put me at ease. Have a good night”

Bret W. April 2020

“Team OFI, Everything went perfectly. Even the driver picking us up complimented your team for its communication.”

“We are very grateful for your service. Great flight and team. Couldn’t be happier.”

Eric S. April 2020

“Everything was great! Thank you.”

Linda H. April 2020

“Our flight was great! The two Suburbans to and from the airport were perfect. The airplane was very nice and the crew were friendly, helpful and gave us a perfect flight. No one ever complained about all of our stuff and we filled the Suburbans and the plane. The catering was spot on and waiting for us on the plane. I have had several cards with NetJets and Delta Private Jets. So far, you guys are the best all-around service and price! See you all soon!”

Charlie H. April 2020

“Great flight and now all are home .”

Dennis T. March 2020

“To all, we are home safely and the flight was superb! It was so nice to utilize your service. Great job to the whole team. Thanks!”

Steve & Cheryl W. March 2020

“A great door to door trip! Thanks to all who made it happen!”

John B. March 2020

“Great flight. Thanks!”

Jeff & Sarah March 2020

“All went very well and totally uneventful which is great thanks to you all”

Robert T. March 2020

“Excellent as always ! Your support team did a great job as always, thanks to everyone invoked on getting us home !”

Mike H. March 2020

“All was perfect!”

Andy G. March 2020

“It was a great trip. Thank you so much.”

Mathew H. March 2020

“Everything was great – you guys rock!!!!”

Rolla H. March 2020

“Super flight, couldn’t have been easier…”

Flawless, beautiful return flight too, thanks!!!

Matt F. February 2020

“Everything went well, great crew and equipment. Thanks.”

James & Bobette February 2020

“Everything went as well as expected … very thankful for the service and professionalism. We look forward to next trip.”

Blessings to everyone!

LN February 2020

“We are here … the trip was great and the crew was fabulous.”

We have landed and cleared customs. The flight was great and the crew was fabulous.

Robert N. February 2020

“Everything was perfect. We were notified every step along the way of every detail throughout the trip. It was a pleasure working with your complete staff. Looking forward to next time.”

Keefe D. February 2020

“Great flight and crew. Also great transitions to and from airport. Thanks so much!”

Eric S. February 2020

“All went well and we appreciate a very great first experience with your company/team. Have a great day.”

Alexandra K. February 2020

“It was a great flight once again. I do not have one complaint. Thanks to everyone involved to make this happen.”

John M. February 2020

“Excellent flight and service thank you.”

Ron & Angelica January 2020

“You folks are awesome. Thank you.”

William B. January 2020

“You were all amazing thanks for all the hard work on such short notice!”

Mary S. January 2020

“Jill informed me the entire flight, Professionalism, comfort, catering, & ground transportation was excellent”

Mike S. January 2020

“Incredible all the way around! Thanks”

Mike S. January 2020

“Jill informed me the entire flight, Professionalism, comfort, catering, & ground transportation was excellent”

Mike S. January 2020

“Thank you. Everything went perfectly, as usual.”

Carl S. January 2020

“Everything was perfect. All of you are great. Makes it easy. Thanks”

Dave H. January 2020

“As always, the trip was terrific from door to door! Thanks to all who made it happen.”

John B., December 2019

“Really enjoyed the aircraft and pilots were great. Love flying with you.”

Joel L., December 2019

“Crew and equipment were all excellent. Well Done.”

Jim S., November 2019

“The flight was great. Couldn’t have been better!”

Priscilla F., July 2019

“I’ve been flying private to GHB for over 10 years. This was the best flight and crew! Thanks.”

Peter K., November 2019

“Flight went extremely well. Great flight, outstanding crew, and catering was excellent.”

Sam B., November 2019

“Very professional and courteous crew, enjoyable trip for all passengers. Thanks again to the entire OFI team for making our first trip memorable!”

Mike M., October 2019

“Flight was perfect. Pilots did a great job. Really professional and very friendly.”

Conrad R., October 2019

“Great trip from door to door. Thanks to all who made it happen.”

John B., September 2019

“Terrific job on securing a great airplane for the ride back from Dallas! Much appreciated.”

Ron S., September 2019

“Everything was  flawless, as usual. Special thanks to Bonnie for arranging travel.”

David S., August 2019

“The flight was great. Couldn’t have been better!”

Priscilla F., July 2019

“The flight and crew were great. Thank you and the ONEflight team for taking such good care of us.”

Wendell I., July 2019

“I want to thank the team for coordinating a fantastic travel experience for us! I will begin planning the next excursion very shortly, I imagine. Thanks again!”

Steve W., July 2019

“Great flight, good bird, good operator.”

Earl M., July 2019

“Everything was perfect as usual. Thanks to everyone for making this happen on such short notice. Thanks again!”

John M., June 2019

“Everything was on time and perfect!!!”

Loren K., June 2019


Craig A., June 2019

“All was excellent!”

Jason G., June 2019

“You spoiled me, as always! The drivers were special! The deli sandwich was excellent, and was so big I could only eat half of it. The flight crew loved the extra chocolate chip cookies. Thank you!”

John B., May 2019

“That was a great flight. Awesome crew and wonderful aircraft. We are all here safe and sound. Thanks so much!!!”

Ken I., May 2019


David R., May 2019

“It was excellent. Today, you earned your stripes with me. A 3 hour yes from last minute request to reservation from Costa Rica to Key West. Cody/Kacey excellent customer service and super fast and great to deal with. Pilots nice and on schedule. All in all 110%”

Greg M., May 2019

“Thanks for everything. Great service and flight!”

David H., May 2019

“Perfect flight and catering. Many thanks.”

Donald R., May 2019

“JC and Mark were excellent pilots and made us feel very special. Thank you.”

Mark H., May 2019

“Great experience today – thank you to the whole team!”

Bruce B., May 2019

“The door-to-door experience was excellent. Thanks to all who made it happen!”

John B., May 2019

“The flight was wonderful. We were able to get a little sleep on the trip to Portland. We  got there rested with plenty of time to get to my son’s play. Thank you for a great job.”

Jamie S., May 2019

“Flight was great. Food was good, plane was clean, and pilots were friendly. Thanks.”

Brent E., May 2019

“Perfect. Pulling up to the FBO now. Thanks to all as this has been a great experience today.”

Bruce B., May 2019

“Have arrived. Wonderful trip. Great pilots. Limo driver was terrific.”

Greg M., May 2019

“The on-board flight attendant took us to the hotel! Honestly, it was Amazing service.”

Reed S., April 2019

“Just wanted to say”GREAT JOB” to everyone on this trip. We were very pleased with the high level of service we received. I appreciate everyone’s efforts.”

Tammy J., April 2019

“Everything was excellent and the operator was more than accomodating for our delay. Very nice airplane and crew, fit all of our stuff which was a lot. Very happy campers!”

Jason G., April 2019

“It was perfect!  Thank you!!”

Rebecca G., March 2019

“I wanted to drop a quick thank you to everyone from ONEflight.  I was very impressed with the service and ease of everything.  I am going to make sure to share my experience with my father in law.  Thank you again for everything.”

Peter B., March 2019

“Jan & the entire ONEflight team is the best!”

Bryan S., March 2019

“Everything went great with our flight & our shuttle!! Thanks for arranging everything for us.”

AJ J., March 2019

“Everything was excellent, thank you!  Airplane is extremely new inside, crew very friendly and professional.”

Jason G., March 2019

“Great flight, wonderful pilots – thank you to everyone 👍🍷👌”

Marilyn B., March 2018

“For those of you who might not remember Jackie Gleason (which I think is all of you), look him up on YouTube – “How sweet it is” was one of his catch phrases, and it is perfect for our round trip to ELD. Your new software has certainly delivered. We learned through OFI in January 2016 that we love the G150. The new software is immeasurably better than your old system to book a flight and select the G150, or whatever. It will take another flight or two to really lock us into the OFI family, but this has been an excellent intro to a second time around. I fully expect that we will drop {Competitor} when we have burned through those hours, and replace them with y’all. Above all, you all are so very nice to visit with over the phone. And we hope to keep doing so for many years to come.”

Greg B., March 2018

“Hi Team, All the feedback I received was A+, from transportation, catering, crew and aircraft. Only issue was they had to go around once for landing due to aircraft on the runway, but obviously that’s out of our control. Great job everyone! See you soon, Jason.”

Jason G., March 2018

“We just landed. Was a great trip. Jennifer wanted me to tell you this has been her favorite aircraft from all our trips. Thanks again for taking such good care of us.”

Kenneth I., February 2018

“Great flight. Beautiful aircraft. About as good as it gets.”

Gregory M., January 2018

“Great flight, pilots, catering, and transportation!”

Jeff S., December 2017

“Despite all the craziness that ended up being associated with this trip, it was another spectacular performance by the ONEflight Team. Thanks to all. Merry Christmas.”

Jim R., December 2017

“Great flight, crew, and catering. No issues.”

Kirk K., December 2017

“Beautiful plane. Excellent crew and catering Could not have been any better. Thank you.”

Elaine G., December 2017